Saturday, September 5, 2009

The bloom is off the Bloomberg

To the editor (Riverdale Press):

Headline “Mayor out to tackle bloated MTA “beast.”

This is being used in his campaign literature. The Mayor had eight years to tame the beast and did nothing about it. In fact, his “congestion pricing” scheme was predicated on the fact that our transportation system would be enlarged and affordable. It turns out the MTA has cut routes and raised the fares.

If he had used federal transportation dollar to make the system better and more affordable, it would have done more to alleviate traffic than an ill-advised and very costly “congestion pricing” initiative.

Let us look at some of his other initiatives. He wanted a football stadium in downtown Manhattan. This certainly would have brought more traffic to the area. He favored deregulation of the banking industry and Wall Street. In spite of the fact that he made his money on news of Wall Street and many of his social companions were from banking, Wall Street and the real estate industry he had absolutely no clue as to the downturn of the economy. Now he tells us he and he alone has the know-how to correct things.

His appointed “Rent Guideline Board” forced tenants to buy into co-ops, condominiums, and homes they could not afford because they feared being priced out of their apartments. Now some of them are losing their homes.

He allowed the use of eminent domain and tax deals for millionaires and billionaires who own sports franchises to benefit at the expense of the middle class. Under his stewardship, because of tax giveaways to the rich, we have higher tolls. Our meters cost more for less time. Subway and bus fares have gone up, and parking tickets and tow-aways are outlandish. Schools have had phony class promotions and tests for students to show an increase in productivity in schools.

His “I love the rich” philosophy comes at the expense of the middle class.

Now he needs four more years to salve his inflated ego.



Anonymous said...

I have a recollection that in the first year or so of Mayor Bloomberg's first term, he himself started a campaign to grade his own administration on various issues. He claimed re-assessments would be done periodically (I don't remember how often). I don't remember hearing anything about that after that first announcement. Does anyone remember this?
P.S. I direct you to this website:

Anonymous said...

We need to dump Bloomberg as soon as possible if not sooner.

Anonymous said...

Our new pledge of enslavement:

"....And to the dictatorship for which he city under Bloomberg with no liberty or justice for all"!

italian girl said...

I don't know why he even wants a third term. He knows there are a lot of people not happy with him. Isn't always better to leave when things are good? (Although things aren't really all that good for him) By the end of a third term, people will be praying he drop dead already.
He's like the houseguest overstaying his welcome.

Hey Bloombucks:
You're not wanted here!! New Yorkers hate you and think you're out of touch. Stop surrounding yourself with folks that you pay off and tell you how great you are. Go mingle with some real people and find out the real deal.

Snake Plissskin said...

So how did he get so rich while the rest of us are getting poor?

Can someone in the 'Media Captial of the World' tear themselves away from Hanna Montanna, Michael Jackson, and that friggen waste of time US Open and do something useful for a change?

Another Bloomerrang!

M Bloomhitler said...

"....And to the dictatorship for which he city under Bloomberg with no liberty or justice for all"!

I am giving all of you the one fingered salute! However, I ORDER you not to return it!!!

Taxpayer said...

"Now he needs four more years to salve his inflated ego."

- - -

How 'bout we give him eight - no twelve - years to salve his inflated ego.

He can spend those years retired, living in Maspeth, right near the park he created for the taxpaying citizen voters of that neighborhood.

He loves the middle class? Let him spend his final years (starting this coming January) among the people he loves so much there in Maspeth.

Hot dogs and beer whenever he wants.

Yo! What a dream!

Anonymous said...

Said to say I still run into people who say they will vote for him and when asked why say "because he's rich". Or even though they hate him say they may just not vote.


Anonymous said...

Mickey - I couldn't have said it better myself!

Anonymous said...

Apparently this fool from Wall St has enough lemmings brainwashed in Manhattan to go along with all his lies as the city goes deeper in debt, yet theres more tourists than ever all over midtown throwing money all over the place.