Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And that's why we call it Shitty Field!

You were warned back in January and also in April and even on April Fools Day. But here we are in September, and the Shitty Field has really hit the fans... From the NY Post:

Less than a season old, Citi Field has been plagued by water damage to several luxury suites -- including Jerry Seinfeld's -- as well as mold, falling signs and concrete, flooding in outfield seats, faulty electrical wiring and shoddy tile work, sources said.

"Sh- - -y Field -- that's what we call it."

Perhaps the biggest bungle is a water leak that sprang in early August, the source said, creating mold in Seinfeld's lavish suite and three others nearby.

Sources said other problems have turned Mets maintenance crews into the team's real five-tool stars. Among the problems:

* A nonworking elevator last week that forced Mets owner Fred Wilpon to climb four flights to his office.

* An outfield section known as "Mo's Zone" flooding in a rainstorm three months ago because drains were clogged. The backup was caused by 20 feet of pipe collapsing in the bullpen.

* A 4-by-6-foot illuminated sign falling in the field-level promenade during an off day.

* Electricity in the kitchen above the ticket booths near the rotunda shorting out. One outage caused the refrigerators to fail and water to leak into the ticket booths.

* A piece of concrete breaking off; it's now sitting in a field crew's office.

* Air conditioning and heating in the maintenance crew's locker room that hasn't worked since Day 1.

* Improperly installed electrical outlets. There is only one socket in the team's laundry room, so a power strip is needed to plug in all the washing machines.

* A black granite capstone on the stadium's ground-level fa├žade falling off. Yesterday, Mets workers were spotted fixing the broken tile.

* Soaked seats in another luxury suite caused by a leaky ceiling during a rainy Mets-Yankees game. Crews carrying buckets, mops and towels paraded into the suite all night to stem the tide.

Some think it's just a curse or maybe greed got 'em.

Photo from NJ.com.


Sarah said...

Didn't the highest paid, most qualified union workers in the whole city build this stadium? We are told they are the most skilled workers in the world (David Wright). I am sure there is a good explanation for this obvious substandard workmanship (spin). Anyway, I am glad my taxpayer money was spent on paying these most talented and best workers. At least the rest of the stadium is OK.

Anonymous said...

All new construction (some worse some much better ) experience post construction issues. Of greater concern is that is is not being addressed rapidly nor areas shut down to make repairs. The Wilpon family RE concern Sterling Equities may only be doing their SOP to address the issues as they do other properties. (No concern for tenents or fans for that matter).

Obviously fans and employees are pissed off at lot of changes this year in the Met's new home and the WIlpons have $$ ills due to their best banker Bernie Madoff.

Rumours have it that the team is for sale and that other new staduim build-outs such as the Jets Giants new staduims are real dogs with seat pricing that will all but prevent millioniares from purchasing tickets.

These sports will soon become extinct as spectators abandond them by the thousands. Serves the greedy owners and shame on the POls whom lended the land and money and tax abatements to build these staduims on the backs of the tax payers.

A Former Met Fan (Go Yankees!) said...

Many Queens Crap bloggers deserve the right to say "I told you so" as they predicted many of the problems that the article addresses. I went to a game this year thanks to comp tickets and sat in the left field stands. There were many obstructions that I did not expect and from our seats, we could not see all of the plays. There were many people milling about during the game but they were playing plenty for the high priced food offerings. The stadium itself seemed like it was incomplete and there was no warmth or welcoming feelings. After paying the $18 parking fee and entering the rotunda, I felt great disappointment that the Mets organization gave no recognition to the stadium of my youth.

We couldn't even find the markers in the parking lot and decided it would have been a big disappointment and a waste of time even if we found the markers. Other than injuries, I hope that the Mets pay for the disservice to their loyal fans. Perhaps the fact that their new stadium is falling apart is a sign of things to come.

James said...

All new constructions faces post-construction issues.

But this is ridiculous.

There are major safety issues present here. And, water leaks? Seriously? That kind of stuff only happens because corners were cut, or inspections were not properly performed.


Wilpon said...

Hard hats. Get your official NY Mets hard hats heah! Can't see a game without one!

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing we had skilled unions doing all the work. Maybe the job would have been done a little better had they picked up some guys from Roosevelt Avenue. It sure would have been cheaper.

LibertyBoyNYC said...

Roosevelt Ave workers! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I too, had obstructed seats, and as a result, was unable to see all the plays on the field.

What a lucky break for this Mets fan!!!!

panzer65 said...

It appears that this facility was rushed to be built.

Anonymous said...

I think that you are on to something...

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to tell us that this is all a lie?


Anonymous said...

Why did we ever need to build this stadium at all? Couldn't the money have been used in more practical things that benefit more people?

Bread and circuses guys.

Alan Gross said...

I've posted this here before but it keeps getting more and more relevant. When Bloombucks was running for his first re-erection in 2004, he came to my community and made this statement about replacing Yankee and Shea Stadiums.


Isn't it interesting that he had a change of heart almost immediately after the election. This man can't keep a promise and could care less about truth. Notice how the crowd cheered when he said that the city did not have the money for new sports facilities and there is a greater need for libraries, fixing potholes, etc. How much city money has been invested in these facilites so far? In my opinion, any moneys spent could have best been used elsewhere!

Alan Gross said...

Don't ya just love YouTube?


Anonymous said...

My husband works across from this place and while construction was going on he complained of the construction workers smoking weed on the side of his shop constantly. Thats why the building is falling apart in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

"My husband works across from this place and while construction was going on he complained of the construction workers smoking weed on the side of his shop constantly. Thats why the building is falling apart in my opinion."

You're entitled to your opinion but the problems go WAY beyond the workers who were toking up or drinking. However, it is NOT okay to abuse substances while doing this type of work.

Anonymous said...

This is simply just indicative of the times we live in.