Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Williamsburg hard hit by housing bust

From the NY Post:

Williamsburg is ground zero in the growing scourge of stalled construction that has left the neighborhood littered with 18 vacant lots and rusting steel building frames -- more than in all of The Bronx, The Post has learned.

Block after block in the trendy Brooklyn community and a few adjacent streets in Greenpoint have been declared stalled construction sites by the city.

A team of building inspectors found 143 stalled sites around the city. But the cluster of lots in Williamsburg, where development was white-hot just two years ago, is the biggest.

By contrast, The Bronx and Queens each had just 14 stalled construction sites, and Staten Island had 13, city records show.

There were 39 in Manhattan and 63 in Brooklyn.

I can think of 10 stalled construction sites in my own neighborhood off the top of my head so I know the City's numbers are full of shit, just as they are for most everything.


Anonymous said...

To say nothing of the drooling going on for further waterfront constuction in Queens.

Anonymous said...

I thought those numbers were in lala land. I can count more than a half dozen stalled projects within a few hundred yards of where I live.

Anonymous said...

14 in queens??? Did they even bother to look???

You can reach that number easily just in the Cord, er, i mean, Bukhara Meyer area of Forest Hills