Monday, July 13, 2009

Vallone gave developer public money to build Queens Crap

From the Daily News:

...a little-known pool of public money known as the capital discretionary the Council's other slush fund - about $375 million this fiscal year alone, or eight times the size of the controversial, better-known slush fund Council members use for pet programs.

In fiscal 2009, Council members set aside capital money for more than 1,000 building and renovation projects, mostly specific schools, parks and libraries.

A handful of times, the Daily News found, money was set aside for for-profit entities, usually to build affordable housing.

Some of the beneficiaries returned the favor with campaign donations.

Peter Vallone Jr.

Councilman Vallone sponsored $250,000 toward D&F Development's construction of 58 affordable apartments for seniors next to the St. George Episcopal Church in Astoria.

That was on top of state-sponsored tax credits that allowed D&F to raise $7 million to help fund the project.

Executives with D&F and their wives donated $7,500 to Vallone's 2009 campaign. D&F did not return calls.

Vallone said D&F requested a subsidy to cover the cost of preserving the church, which owns the land.

He also noted he has been friends with D&F partner Leonard D'Amico for years.

"I would be disappointed if he didn't donate to me," Vallone said.

While acknowledging that most of the $250,000 will end up with D&F, Vallone said his "sole motivation was preserving this beautiful landmark church."


Yes, Peter Vallone, Jr., champion of preservation... That historic church looks great with a big steaming pile of Fedders shit next to it, doesn't it?

FYI: The parsonage that was torn down for this was more historic than the church!

Photo by aviator_rob on Panoramio


Anonymous said...

More to the point, what about the graves on the land? Not only was the parsonage torn down, but the beautiful stone wall was truncated and ancient trees ripped down for this eyesore.

italian girl said...

Speaking of Vallones.....

One of Paul Vallone's goons was knocking on my door Saturday looking for me to sign his petition. Me says" Now what has Paul Vallone done for the district?" Goon thinks and then responds, "Well all I know is he helped me with a graffiti problem on my property. So he'll be great for the area."

Was this guy for real?

Detective McNutty said...

Vallone is a pretty cheap. I wonder if he can be bought for less than the 7,500 campaign contribution. My issue doesn't involve millions, just a problem with people blocking the driveway.

cmdrkynes said...

I bet its very drafty in that old church they should knock out some space under that giant window for an air conditioner. It would go great with its neighbor.

Anonymous said...

The word on the street was that there is a strong possibility that graves might have been disturbed and that rescued tombstones are sitting in peoples' back yards.

This being Astoria, that is as far is it gets. Making this unpleasant fact public will not do any good they feel.

Peasants almost always shrug when they are abused you know.

Anonymous said...

Didn't they get a Queensmark?

Remson St Red said...

Dont make me laugh - put that next to your Special Police badge you got in Wheaties when you were a kid.

Its on the church, not the parsonage (which was by far the most historic building)

QHS would never stand in the way of development and likely knew what was to happen.

Anonymous said...

"Well all I know is he helped me with a graffiti problem on my property. So he'll be great for the area."

The slumification of Astoria continues. If has more graffiti (and dirty streets and empty stores), agressive 3rd world TLC drivers in dense traffic, and sleazy cafes than ever.

Bayside will become Elmhurst East as Astoria is well on the way to becoming Elmhurst West.

Anonymous said...

Lenny Damico ? Gloria Damicos son ? Peter Vallone Jr. gave Lenny Damico $250,000 in taxpayer dollars ? How much political contributions did he recieve in turn ? what was the timing ? How many of those contributions were from Lennys affiliates and partners ? You think no on knows the anserws to these question hairplug boy ?

Here come the US Attorney !!!!

Anonymous said...

More out-of-touch Queens crappers.

New Yorkers SUPPORT new housing. The 5% of you cranky folks are totally off the deep end!

Anonymous said...

You are right that we do not support new housing--when the new housing means the destruction of our property and the endangerment of our lives.

I can' wait to see how quickly you will join the cranky 5% when your ox is gored.

italian girl said...

"New Yorkers SUPPORT new housing."

Oh yeah?

Let's see how much you support new housing when the new development next door to you bricks up all of your windows on one side of your house.

Anonymous said...

It gets better folks. On a number of occasions some of the locals made efforts to landmark the parsonage. It went nowhere.

It was John Jacob Astor's contribution to Hallets Cove (which they renamed Astoria as a thank you) and dated from 1828. Its in Vincent Seyfried's book.

I heard the commission said 'it did not match their criteria' or some bullshit like that. MAS, HDC, ETC ignored this community's efforts to try to turn this around.

Media, as is always the case in Queens, hostile.

Exhibit A as to why the landmarks law (as well as the presevation community) should have the rug pulled out from under its feet.

Anonymous said...

Astoria Presbyterian Church will be a 9 story building on a 3 story block.

Once again the community did little more than roll over.

Anonymous said...

Naw, my fav is that horrid 15 story senior warehouse on Astoria Blvd that was a former parking lot (great idea, massively upszone, and take out a parking lot).

Terrible location at the Triboro and the exit for Astoria.

The community is a marvel of poor planning and ugly cheeply made stucco clad buildings full of bed bugs.


Look out Bayside!

Anonymous said...

"New Yorkers SUPPORT new housing."

Why would I support new housing when there are a multitude of homes for sale, apartments for rent and half-built developments all over the city?

Anonymous said...

Better question: How does having more people in my neighborhood, more development and less open space benefit me?

Anonymous said...

Lenny Damico, Gloria Damicos son got $250,000 in government money from Vallone jr ??????

are you kidding me ????

this bozo thinks he is gonna be DA or BP one day as an anti-choice, anti-woman, anti-black guy who does real estate deals for his fathers cronies kids ?

or his fathers bizarre fixation and hatred with jewish leaders in albany ?

when you shine the light on this family, watch out what comes out from under the rocks.

Anonymous said...

crooks and bums politicians steal more money then tammany Hall ever dreamed of

Anonymous said...

My 92 year old Grandma lives in the livingroom of my 3rd floor walk-up railroad apt in Astoria. We are trying our best, but our situation is not ideal for her, me or my wife.

Anyone know when the senior housing will open? Any contact numbers?

Maybe someone can get something out of the destruction of beautiful architecture...

Anonymous said...

yeah buddy if you go and give vallone a few bucks youre grandma may get an apartment. between this and the boys and gorls club contriversy with the land swap, forget about councilman martinez, the vallone sar going down !!!!

Anonymous said...

Try Hanac for information about Senior Housing. I had to try them for my own situation (not a senior) and all I got was information about senior housing. I think that there are still openings on the list for the one built on the parking lot site.

Also, Catherine Sheridan has openings. Consult your local Catholic church for information about that one.

Anonymous said...

Lenny Damico +
Peter Vallone Jr. +
hairpiece +
smacking his wife around +
Paulie Baldie +
hairplugs +
$250,000 +
political contributions =

maybe peter vallone jr wont be talking so tough about blacks when they are kicking his chump ass in otisville

Anonymous said...

My 92 year old Grandma lives in the livingroom of my 3rd floor walk-up railroad apt in Astoria. We are trying our best, but our situation is not ideal for her, me or my wife.
You might think better about putting her in a senior warehouse with a big concentration of special needs people in a community with sketchy electrical supply.

Why move her? At that age seniors are often happier in familiar surroundings.

Anonymous said...

Heard stories that tombstones from the cemetary were pitched and some ended up in people's back yards.

Someone should look into this.