Sunday, July 19, 2009

So much for Bloomie's 5-Borough Economic Plan

From Gothamist:

The new jobless numbers from the State Labor Department are not too good, not too good at all. New York City's unemployment rate increased to 9.5 percent in June (the highest level since July 1997), while the rate outside of NYC climbed to 8.2 percent, the highest since June 1983. Last month the number of unemployed state residents jumped to 854,200, the greatest number ever on record.


Anonymous said...

This is what comes from trying to support an economy on debt--eventually the chickens come home to roost.

While Bloomberg is no favorite of mine, the fault lies elsewhere. How do you think we got all those "tower people" in the first place? A national policy that directed resources away from production to consumption.

Missing Foundation said...

While Bloomberg is no favorite of mine, the fault lies elsewhere.
The fault is squarely on him - he is touting himself as an economic mavin, helping job creation, expanding the middle class, making the city a properous place - at the same time inviting the world's disadvantaged to come here and make themselves a burden at the taxpayer's expense.

The middle class is fleeing the city in droves further undermining it's base.

And all he can offer are bike lanes.

On second thought, perhaps you are partly right.

The fault lies with the media which does not challenge this - or the Green Party which suspiciously taylors its policies as Blumberg Lite.

linda said...

it's amazing unemployment is up and bloomass gives out raises. he is suppose to be creating jobs and this is proof he's not and no one should be getting raises.

Anonymous said...

As these numbers go up....Bloomberg's ratings go down!

You can't fight the tide Mike even with your wealth!

Vote the SOB out!

What does he care about unemployment figures?

He doesn't work for a living!