Monday, July 13, 2009

Sharing the wealth

From the Daily News:

After crying poverty for months, Mayor Bloomberg authorized fat raises Friday for 6,692 of his managers and nonunion employees, worth $69 million over two years.

The raises, which will cover virtually all his City Hall staffers, but not himself, will match those given to District Council 37, the city's largest municipal union.

There will be a 4% raise retroactive to March 3 of last year, and a compounded 4% raise - or 4.16% - retroactive to March 3 of this year.

Those getting the raises will get lump-sum retroactive checks covering 16 months.

The seven deputy mayors will get raises ranging from $16,978 to $18,541, with the salary of First Deputy Commissioner Patricia Harris rising to $245,760.

From the NY Post:

The salaries of top city commissioners are going up from $189,700 to $205,179, thanks to 8 percent salary hikes Mayor Bloomberg finally granted yesterday to managers.

The cost was put at $45 million a year.


Anonymous said...

Skip those raises or limit them to employees who are working at near poverty level wages in essential jobs.

This is the same man who thought we would have tons of police jumping at $25,000 jobs-- indeed, the Mexican model of payment where "Cops aren't paid at all, just issued free guns (paraphrasing PJ O'Rourke).

Taxpayer said...

He's campaigning for an illegal third term. So, he uses our very hard earned tax dollars ($69 million) to buy the votes of at least those 6692 managers and nonunion employees.

Add to that 6692, the votes of spouses, kids, and relatives.

Aren't you happy to have your kids' tuition, clothing and food money used by a cheesy politician to buy votes for himself so he will have another 4 years to continue his corruption?

No? Then, give this turtle-faced freak the boot on September 15.

Anonymous said...

Butt f---k this demagogue out of office with a spiked dildo at the poles...just like he's been giving it to us for the past eight years!

Anonymous said...

The salaries of top city commissioners are going up from $189,700 to $205,179??

The salaries of these folks should be capped at $125,000 if even that high. There are a number of other benefits that take up the slake they already receive - free car and driver, cell phone & computer plus travel and expenses outside of the city. Come on - Bloomberg you essentially have a well paid campain staff here who are motivated to see you in a third term at the citizen's expense!

Anonymous said...

"First Deputy Commissioner Patricia Harris rising to $245,760."

Holy farknuts.

The VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has a salary of only $221,000!

Wait to next year ... said...

Check out the budget for next year, right after you morons reelect this jerk.

Huge holes and severe cutbacks (except to developers and Tower People of course)

Maybe some of those dipshits that publish newspapers in Queens can look into this and explain to their readers that why support someone who will devastate the middle class in the borough.