Friday, July 3, 2009

Schumer, Marshall criticize closure of weather stations

From the Times Ledger:
Borough President Helen Marshall and U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) have criticized a Federal Aviation Administration’s plan to shut down all but two aviation weather forecasting offices, including one serving LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy International airports.

She warned that the could make it harder for pilots and air traffic controllers to avoid potentially hazardous weather conditions.

Marshall has requested that the FAA and National Weather Service explain why the consolidation plan is necessary.

Schumer also criticized the consolidation plan, saying it would “remove the very people whose expertise is vital to this area and which would worsen already-congested air traffic over the New York City area.”


-Joe said...

Ill tell one reason.
The bastards are to cheap to convert to digital and #2 the Gov wants those broadcast frequencys back for its own use or to to re-sell for big $$$.

Thats what they did with TV broadcast across 90% of the country.
Now on Broadcast you have around 7 local Network channels in English and 30 subchannels in Spanish and Korean.

Public access TV is wiped out unless you rent a Verizon or Cablevision with there top box
A $400 rooftop antenna and rotor can grab some channels from Ct.

Its all about money, I think the government is going broke and will be selling everything soon. ----Including large propertys and parks

Concerned Citizen said...

Let's not even consider the potential health impact on living things by this new technology. In Europe, people are questioning why these signals are being mandated before long term health studies are analyzed. Scary, huh?

-Joe said...

These new signals are awful and are to new to be tested.
Unlike clean FM sine waves, these are high power pulses and spikes that spew out whole bands of harmonics. The measure the RF exposure over broadcast time not levels.
If a transmitter broadcasts a birst of 60 watts for one second and remains quiet for 59 seconds we are told its only 6 watts.
The FAA is now measuring airplane noise with a formula like this to bring noise stats down and allow more traffic over the N Shore from Whitestone to Brookhaven

You can no longer use a CB or shortwave radio in ALL of Manhatten or most of Queens.
Its a storm of S-20 pulse noise. These Plasma TV's are quite dirty spewing RF pollution as well.

The tellecommunication act of 95 was as currupt as Jimmy Hoffa.
That sack of sh*t hick Clinton needed the communication company to get re-elected.
He signed it without even reading it

-Joe said...

Correction If a digital transmitter broadcasts a data burst of 60 watts for one second and remains quiet for 59 seconds we are told its a safe baby 1 watt on the new pole outside your bedroom.

...The FCC said so, no local goverment or laws can apply.

Alan said...

When I complained about the towers that were erected on top of one of the New York Times buildings in College Point last year, I was made to feel like I was Chicken Little. The structures are close to a neighborhood of apartment buildings where unsuspecting parents have no clue that the microwave signals may be damaging themselves and their children.

Although this is not my field of expertise, I am saddened, but not surprised, that Community Board #7 did not follow up on my concerns (which were posted on YouTube) and have the equipment's signals tested. Our government's agenda is no longer to protect us if it is at the expense of corporate interests! This is apparently true at all levels of government. Happy Birthday, Amerika!

Building on Your Head Party said...

We wish to applaud the possibility of airplanes being used to create free new windows for all home and apartment owners.

Anonymous said...

Big govt at it best. Closing the stations would be more efficient and save money, but it will never happen due to politicians.

This country is shit.