Thursday, July 16, 2009

A parting gift from Hillary

From the NY Post:

In a surprise turnaround that will cost the city $260 million in back taxes and untold millions in future lost revenue, Hillary Rodham Clinton's State Department has quietly reversed a longstanding policy requiring foreign governments to pay taxes on some diplomatic residences.

It's a shocking about-face by Secretary of State Clinton -- who repeatedly spoke in favor of the city's right to collect the taxes when she was New York's junior senator.

The Big Apple, which recently won a federal court ruling requiring India and Mongolia to fork over some $46 million in back taxes, is expected to lose about $7 million a year in current tax revenues.


Anonymous said...

Clinton the carpetbagger as Bloomberg is.

Taxpayer said...

When she no longer needed NYers, she discovered that the principles that she "fought" so hard to uphold were no longer operative.

Something like her love of the Yankees.

Nothing more powerful than plastic principles.

When we vote, the results really do matter - for quite a while.

The Harridan's betrayal should be a lesson for us when we vote. Do we really want the Commissar, someone whose only principle is to make extremely wealthy developers even richer - at our expense, naturally?

Anonymous said...

Can't blame her for this one. Other countries don't tax us for properties we keep on their lands.

Taxpayer said...

Anonymous said...
"Can't blame her for this one. Other countries don't tax us for properties we keep on their lands."

- -

So, she was ignorant of this while fighting to collect the taxes?

Or, was she pandering? And the Commissar fell for it?

And, the Commissar didn't know anything about reciprocity?

The Harridan and the Commissar. What a pair! The only service they provide is to teach all of us how important are the results of voting.

Missing Foudation said...

True enough, but there is a cost to being an international city filled with a population that has no real connection with it and certainly has not hitched their wagon to its long term fate.

This leaves open yet another door to a growing series of abuses from their influence.

For example:

Q: Bloomberg overturning the public's will?

A: Who cares. Where do they live? Staten Island? Queens?

They are the little people.

Anonymous said...

A first lady who tolerates her husband getting a blob job from a lowly fat opportunistic aide in the oval office...WHICH BELONGS TO ALL OF US...demonstrates she'd put her lust for political power above all else including family values.

Hillary is little more than a dangerous high toned carpet bagging slut.

That's why President Obama put her where he could always keep a watchful eye on her.

Would you turn your back on the Clintons? Not me!

Keep your friends close Barack and your enemies even closer!

Anonymous said...

Hey no problem!

Write to Congressman Weiner! He will get money to cover this.

Let QC know how its going!

Anonymous said...

At least New York is finally rid of that c--t in pants suits!

That's right Mrs. C....cover up your cellulite.

Anonymous said...

And some people thought she'd make a good president.

Anonymous said...

tax them all look at the french they charge the us rent for the graves that great americans died for france's freedom. all these goverments do is suck dollars from us the taxpayer pay the cops to protect there embassy when they come to town the we all get screwed with the traffic nightnares move them all to ohio

Anonymous said...

She would have been better than Obama.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the amenities we give other countries diplomats far outway what we receive in their countries. If the Federal gov't wants to abolish these taxes, fine, but then the fed should reimburse NYC. When is the general public going to wise up about the Clintons. Maybe someone should ask Rev Al for his comments on this situation.

Anonymous said...

That carpetbagger used us and we let her!

Anonymous said...

She would have been better than Obama.

For what, promoting the New World Order? It doesn't matter who's in charge any more. There is a bigger agenda that most people do not see.

Anonymous said...

"She would have been better than Obama."

Yea, and I'd rather get shot and killed by Jessie James than have my throat cut by Jack-the-Ripper.

Sarah said...

I voted for Rick Lazio!

Anonymous said...

Move the UN to North Korea - convert the UN building for section 8 housing. Riddance to all these criminals from foreign soil, soiling our good city and making it quite unsafe for us minions. without these folks we would save more on expenses they create than what they spend here.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't give a crap about New York anymore. New York was just a stepping stone to bigger things. The Clintons are the biggest users around. When they want to vacation somewhere, they use their celebrity to stay in wealthy people's houses. She should help New York by kicking in a few million to make up the shortfall. That would be a proper thank.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hillary.

Anonymous said...

What does obama have on her? she is keeping a low profile......................elction law violations,misappropriation of $$$$$??????