Friday, July 17, 2009

No break for Brian

From the NY Post:

No summer break from jail for crooked ex-pol Brian McLaughlin.

The former Democratic assemblyman from Queens yesterday failed to put off his 10-year term for stealing $3.1 million from an array of victims that included his local Little League.

Manhattan federal Judge Richard Sullivan, who gave McLaughlin until 2 p.m. Tuesday to surrender to the Bureau of Prisons, denied his last-minute bid for postponement.


Anonymous said...

He has got more songs to sing and they want to put him in a canary cage for a while to teach him how to do it.

Stay tuned folks!

Anonymous said...

Strike up the band. Brian will eventually sing. Attention all politicians -- bend over and kiss your asses goodbye!

Anonymous said...

bend over and kiss your asses goodbye!

I was thinking careers instead of asses but that'll do!