Saturday, July 4, 2009

A nice place to visit, but...

From Newsday:

It might not look like much now, but a nonprofit group hopes the Execution Rocks Lighthouse will draw a steady stream of visitors and overnight B&B guests when it's transformed into a tourist beacon with sweeping views of Long Island Sound.

"It needs a little bit of work," said Craig Morrison, president of Historically Significant Structures Inc., a Philadelphia preservation group that in January received the deed to the 1850 structure from the federal government. Walking past a section of deteriorating plaster wall on the first public visit to the site a mile off Sands Point, he added, "We got it just in time."

"A little bit of work" translates to a restoration project estimated to cost more than $1.2 million and least more than five years. When it's done, Execution Rocks would be the first Long Island lighthouse to allow regularly scheduled overnight stays.


-Joe said...

Its taxpayer property sold to private. It Seems the US goverment sold the rock and the Coast Guard sold the lighthouse.
It may be a prank !!

However like I said the goverment is so broke its going to start selling parks and propery. I see NO OTHER WAY out !

How long before Obama gives Queens or Staten Island to China against the trillions $$ US Debt they hold

The gulls use the place to smash shells and crap around the clock.
What kind of nuts want to sleep there ?

Anonymous said...

Sweeping views of a bridge thats falling down, both prison & passing garbage Barges, jet noise and a potters field.

Ooh I want to reserve now

Anonymous said...

You need to tear it down in a few hours with some 'guest workers', throw it in some containers, and build it in a cemetary (paying off the local 'big-shots' with some ice cream money) and spending a few million dollars hiring the 'right' contractors to put it up again adding a 'few' missing pieces ... or sorry ... this is not Queens.

Forget it.

Erik Baard said...

I love kayaking out to our local lighthouses. Relighting Blackwell in a real way -- maybe with panning LEDs -- would be beautiful.Stepping Stones lighthouse and Kate's Light (Robbins Reef) would be my dream destinations for overnights.

Anonymous said...

You can only Kayak to stepping Stepping Stones maybe 3 days a year and have to do it round trip 40 minutes on dead tide or YOUR DEAD !
The city block wide wake and "storm" from a passing barge and tug turbines will also suck you take you out.

It takes them over 1 mile to stop BTW.