Thursday, July 9, 2009

Meet the Assembly District 38 candidates, part 2

Dear Friends,

My name is Paul Gagliardotto and I wish to be the next New York State Assembly person to represent the 38th district.

Being a lifelong resident of the district having grown up in Ozone Park, I am now a resident of Glendale. I believe I am the only candidate who can truly bring the understanding of the entire district to Albany.

A true product of the New York City public school, I am a graduate of Public School 60 in Woodhaven, Intermediate School 119 in Glendale, Forest Hills High School, and I am currently attending Queens College where I am pursuing a bachelor degree in Political Science with a minor in Labor Studies.

From Ridgewood to Ozone Park I have friends and relatives that span the entire 38th district. They are constantly expressing their thoughts and concerns to me looking for guidance. I help them and now I want to extend my hand to all residents.

Some of my priorities if I am privileged enough to represent the district would be affordable healthcare for all, education, preserving our parks and recreational areas, making sure that all working class constituents are receiving appropriate wages, and lowering taxes.

I would love to hear your thoughts or any concerns, and with your help I will be the next New York State Assembly member to represent the 38th district.


Paul Gagliardotto

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Anonymous said...

Who does this kid think he is,marty markowitz?