Thursday, July 16, 2009

July at Jamaica Bay full of surprises

From 10,000 Birds:

...this Sunday, after a report of a fledgling Barn Owl perched in the reeds in front of the box I made my way over there again, and, sure enough, there it was! Two consecutive Sundays with daylight Barn Owls...

He also saw a Diamondback Terrapin:


Taxpayer said...

Is this the sort of delightful wildlife that can be found at Ridgewood Reservoir?

The kind of wildlife that the NYC PARKS Department will be happy to destroy? Under the arrogant command of the moron Commissar?

So the Commissar can pick up even a few more bucks from his cronies who are drooling to get more of our tax dollars to annihilate any sign of beauty in Queens?

Shouldn't we use September 15 as an opportunity to annihilate the Commissar's opportunity to have a wild life with our earnings?

corey said...

One can't find exactly this type of wildlife at Ridgewood but I did see lots of great birds there on the Christmas Bird count last December.

Thanks for the link, Queens Crap!

Taxpayer said...

My connection is via phone line, so I originally missed see a clear photo of the turtle-faced Commissar below the photo of the owl.

Who is holding him? A developer?

He appears to be held very lovingly, as only a beneficiary would do.