Saturday, July 18, 2009

Huang fills 'er up on College Point Blvd

Before: A gas station
After: A subdivided property hosting at least 6 buildings, each of which has an "AMBULATORY TREATMENT HEALTH CARE FACILITY" in both the cellar and basement and three housing units above.

Let's hope Henry Huang remediated those underground tanks properly...


Anonymous said...

I think it should have stayed a gas station. Right across the street is the new Skyview Parc Towers. Got car? Another great thing about the new Floo-shing. Fill 'er up!

UnhappyFlooshingRezident said...

Where are the Aethetics Police? More Third World shit for New York's Third World Shithole!

Anonymous said...

An even BIGGER disgrace is the single, century old home on CPB and 25th Road.

Beautuful home, with wrap around porch on a great lot with weeping willow trees.

Needed a little TLC, but, as you can guess, it was torn down within the last year and in its place spring up about 30 units of queens crap flats.

Anonymous said...

The Huangs are a bunch of scamming con-artsists, I'm sure they paid someone to "ok" the site rather than properly remediate. We need to prevent these scumbags from building more shitty apartment buildings..

Anonymous said...

The citizen's of Queens can now sleep safely because they are being "closely watched" by the DOB. After all, the DOB's finally got a handle on it all. They are armed with the new Code, the ability to enforcement the rules and regulations and extra funds from those double fines (which they seem to have great difficulty collecting).

Surely, the BOYS have no alternative but to play by the rules. Would it make sense not too?

They have vowed to do the right thing going forward (or was that reverse). Looks like it's business as usual. What say you?