Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How Bloomberg will retain schools control

From the NY Times:

Back from the dead after seven years, reconstituted almost by accident, the New York City Board of Education is set to meet at noon Tuesday. Its seven members: three deputy mayors, three sympathetic allies of the mayor, and one wild card from the Bronx.

At a breakfast meeting at Gracie Mansion, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg — whose desperate last-minute efforts to persuade the gridlocked State Senate to reauthorize mayoral control of the city schools ended in failure on Tuesday night — appointed two deputy mayors, Patricia E. Harris and Edward Skyler, to the seven-member board.

The Queens borough president, Helen M. Marshall, appointed a third deputy mayor — Dennis M. Walcott, the deputy mayor for education — as her representative on the board.


Anonymous said...

so marshall appointed the guy responsible for the toxic high school in maspeth. and the same civic who is fighting that school is also beholden to her for the money to rebuild st. savior. it doesn't get any better than this.

Anonymous said...

Sure it does! Skyler's the oafficial pushing for the police academy in College Point. It seems like it will happen as CB7 signed off on that project Monday night. Bloomturd will try to maintain any means necessary.

Anonymous said...

fire joel klein. Mayor states that mayoral control must passed and irregardless if the mayoral bill doesn't pass that summer schools will remain open. When a reporter asked Mayor Bloomberg is anyone suggested if summer schools should not be opened then doublespeak Bloomberg responded "why would anyone suggest not to serve the children?" then Gov Patterson. Bloomberg's crony stated that he will ensure resources are provided that summer schools remain open.

Again Bloomberg's uses rhetoric and lies to scare the public to have it HIS way. Schools will not be closed and Bloomberg is a disgrace to even suggest that they will be closed if mayoral control bill isn't passed.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the news and I don't see Bloomturd giving up his dictatorial control of schools as long as the puppets he has chosen fall in line. Change...not!!!

Anonymous said...

What money for St. Saviour's? There is no way millions of taxpayer dollars will be used to rebuild that thing.

What did you want to happen with the school Board? Did you want the old Board of Ed. members to come back and throw the schools into chaos until the State Senate gets its act back together?

Anonymous said...

This is dangerous, Bloomberg now knows how to buy people off without spending his own money

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is a spoiled child who must always get his way. He's having a hissy fit and is trying to use scare tactics to get his way. He'll just pay all of his cronies off and will still maintain power over the schools. The short men always feel inferior because of their stature and that's why they need to be in control and have power. Vote him out in November. It's the only way we'll get rid of him.

Taxpayer said...

I'm lost.

How did we stray from commenting on the Commissar's loss of control to hating the civic because of Saint Saviour's?

The dwarf lost because he simply failed to persuade the state senate to take a time-out to help him retain control.

If he actually had any political or managerial talent, he would have persuaded the senate.

Instead, he tried his tantrum routine. Senators on both sides said: been there, done that, and dismissed his petulance.

Then he tried the threats. The schools would close. What arrogant irresponsibility! He thought that all the illegal alien parents would fall for that one. They want their kids at the bodega or the job site. More family income.

This Titan of Commerce, this Management Giant, this lover and beloved of the Middle Class has his head up his ass and never appointed or cultivated the kind of people who would have managed the schools so skillfully that no sane politician would dare let the 2002 law expire.

Let's expel him as soon as school starts again. Vote this turtle-faced moron out on his stupid ass on September 15. He failed. Let's flunk him.

We can do better. We must do better!

Anonymous said...

Why Taxpayer? Because someone decided to go off topic. Which is usually the case. In any event, Bob Holden posted this yesterday on the Civic's website:

“This is fantastic news and another chapter in the miraculous story of St. Saviour’s," said Holden. He added that the JPCA is still trying to convince Mayor Bloomberg that the historic St. Saviour’s property in Maspeth should be acquired for a public park. "Although it’s a long shot we have not given up hope in returning the church to its proper location," said Holden.

1) How are you going to build it on its original site if you are building it in a cemetery in another town?
2) When's the next rally?

Janie said...

This is great, I am glad the civic is taking up this cause again. You need to strike NOW while the turd is running for re-election and is worried about his image.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't a land swap once suggested for the city to get the site at no cost, but the mayor's office ignored it because Gallagher didn't support.

Since Gallagher is gone, why isn't this idea re-examined with the new Councilwoman?

No matter where the church is rebuilt, keeping the land as a park would be a huge asset.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Did I miss something here? Isn't this post about CONTROL OVER SCHOOLS? How it became the fight among people with St.Savior is BEYOND me! Personally, this is a LOT of money to spend on something so damaged. And could someone please give the TEACHER credit for the children passing the stupid tests!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Under Bloombucks and Kleinturd, kids are smarter!!!!!
I never would've thunk it possible.

No, give the TEACHER credit for excellent test-prep. But give the TESTS credit for being dumbed down.

Somebody get me a barf bag....

Queens Crapper said...

You guys gotta read this:

Making Puppets Look Bad

This act of slavishness, was so embarrassing that we can envision Pinocchio, upon witnessing such a display of subservience, deciding against becoming a real boy; seeing no real difference between being human or remaining a puppet. But, we guess that Marshall's actions simply reflect the fact that, absent the Mike Bloomberg intervention, this sweet old lady would have had to retire after her term was up, and give her job to some other Queens worthy.

So what was done yesterday-and the vote to keep Herr Klein was consistent with the best Politburo tradition (to mix a metaphor)-was to dramatize just how little true democratic substance still exists in this once vibrant democracy; and yesterday's mockery almost makes us wish that the legislature had simply rubber stamped the school governance bill.

And, of course, once they do graduate, these kids are simply unprepared to do any college work-and, therefore, continue on the same path of remediation at the community colleges that they were on in high school. Is this kind of statistical improvement worth the $9 billion in additional funds that the mayor has expended to jack up test scores? Or is this, courtesy of the NY Post's mayoral press office, simply a triumph of flimsy form over substance?

Anonymous said...

The whole thing was disgusting. But why are more people not outraged?

Alan said...

That was a GREAT article! So Bloomturd engineered the entire Republican coup and then got pissed off when he didn't achieve his goal and threw a hissyfit??!?! Priceless stuff! But as the article also pointed out, why is this not being reported on?

I also liked reading about how our $9 billion is being wasted on teaching children to pass tests without educating them. The rude awakening comes when they get out into the real world and are challenged by institutions of higher learning or jobs that they are wholly unprepared for. And then the fact that there was no chaos as Bloomie figured out how to beat the system anyhow by stacking the deck of the reconstituted Board of Education.

Is it me or would anyone else like to see our mayor take an early departure rather than wait for a mockery of an election which will make Iran's look like child's play?

Anonymous said...

Oh, the expressions on those faces! How do you do it, Crappy! Perfect as always!!

Anonymous said...

Outrage (via blog speech) is always welcome but votes against Bloomberg
beats all the words in the lexicon!


Your most powerful weapon is your index finger on the lever...VOTE THE BASTARD OUT!