Friday, July 17, 2009

Hotel hell in Greenpoint

Miss Heather has an interesting post about this building in Greenpoint which has turned into something other than what its C of O is for. It also has an active stop work order. Here's what a reader sent in:

...there has been anywhere from 10-20; what appear to be teenagers milling around the front of the building and on a picnic bench in the parking lot, smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, playing techno music dancing, having a general good time. Which no one should have a problem with, except the party doesn’t start until after 1AM and goes until sunrise.

Yeah, it's an illegal hostel. Miss Heather continues...

Your eyes are not deceiving you: this property has 46 “DOB” violations, 36 open, 42 “ECB” violations 34 of which are still open and a STOP WORK ORDER. Unpaid penalties and non-compliance. And yet they advertise.

You can read the entire sordid tale here.


Anonymous said...

Padlock this place already!!!!

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for. The last one the city shut down in Queens is now a HIV homeless housing, perfectly legal community facility as of right. Which would you rather have.