Monday, July 6, 2009

Suspicious death in Queens Village

From NY1:

Police are calling the death of an elderly Queens man suspicious after he was discovered bound inside his home Monday morning.

Investigators say they responded to the 84-year-old man's home on 216th Street in Queens Village.

Sources say the man's hands and feet were tied. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police say a visiting nurse told them she last saw him on Saturday and he was fine.


Anonymous said...

Round up the usual suspects (Jewish Overlords).

Anonymous said...

The Queens Crap anti-Semites are hot on the trail!

Anonymous said...

Go back to your lair Nazi Creep. My father's generation buried Hitler in his bunker and you will be buried with him. God bless America!

Anonymous said...

Anti-American/Anti-gentile Jewish nationalists.

Jews killed my grandfather and friends on the USS LIBERTY.

Anonymous said...

That is one weird story. First time I ever heard of this attack. My condolences. I am not a Jew, but my father was an RAF construction battalion member during the blitz in London, so Nazis are not on my list of favorites.