Monday, July 6, 2009

Fireworks destroy Brooklyn warehouse

Photo from EveryPlace on Flickr via Brooklyn 11211

From NY Shitty:

Saw the plume erupt just as the regular fire works were lighting up on the Hudson from my friend’s roof and started to count off the blocks north of Metropolitan. Apparently some hipster douchebags were setting off rocket fireworks on Wythe and N.9th and one went into the sawdust hopper of Rosenwach Water Tank. Way to go douchebags!! Another Williamsburg institution ruined!!

Cops and Fire Dept are investigating, with probable arrest and incarceration coming soon since it sounds like alot of people know who did it and knowing the wburg gossip train, the city should know within a few more hours once loose lips sink somebody’s yacht. And probably somebody is gonna get their ass beat too, because those guys are working stiffs, and now probably a good dozen of them are out of a job. Thanks a lot douchebags!!

Let's not forget that the City closed a firehouse in Williamsburg in 2003 and then drastically upzoned the area.

Photo from Brownstoner


Anonymous said...

From industrial warehouse to human warehouse.

With some trees and a bike lane siding connecting it to the rest of the grid, Miss Heather will soon have some new neighbors.

They might know nothing about the real NY, but I bet they think that Blumturd will be a swell guy.

Anonymous said...

Great photo!

-Joe said...


You had to see the sh*t that went on in the City with these transplants.

Every 10 minutes the cops were pulling these mid-west morons off the construction scaffolding.
They all looked the same, Red Eyes, Backpacks, bad grooming, tie dye, girlfriend wearing a smock skirt with the ugly Jesus shoes, dope Pipe and bottle of Gorgi Vodka.

At one point I shouted "Darwin-Award" this aint Iowa" As a crowd of over 1000 & cops @ W29th and 11th busted out laughing as the escorted the a'O's through the crowd.
The scene now with chanting "Dar-Win-Awards" was repeated over 6 times in an hour.
I had a ball, its pretty clear real New Yorkers are still around

How can such bummy people to stupid to have a job or collect Sec 8 afford to live here ?

Anonymous said...

Hey man,i'm a new yorker......I've been here 3 years!

Anonymous said...

-Joe, usually people are laughing AT you, not WITH you. It's your miserable 4th grade spelling and grammar.

btw, how do we know these were "hipsters" and not the usual third generation Polish or Italian douchebags?

Anonymous said...

I'm moving to Kentucky............

Anonymous said...

Joe's comment is so barely in touch with reality that I almost thought he had commented on the wrong post.


Taxpayer said...

"Let's not forget that the City closed a firehouse in Williamsburg in 2003 and then drastically upzoned the area."

So, the one to thank for the destruction of the warehouse and the loss of those jobs is "I love the Middle Class" and "I love small business (way small - as small as ashes)" Commissar Death and Taxes?

So, let's thank the sociopath on September 15 and toss his loathsome sissy-boy ass onto the street.

georgetheatheist said...

-Joe. I've travelled alot in Io-wey. Nice country. Real Heartland America. More sense there than in Willyamsboig. (except voting for Obama, of course.)

Anonymous said...

Looks like Rosenwach needed a few of their own water towers--a few extra humonguous industrial sized water towers. I hope that they nail the miscreants and make them pay big time.

In the meantime, I thought Rosenwach was based in Long Island City, have they moved or do they use multiple locations?

Wade N. Said ... said...

I'm moving to Kentucky............


Why, because of the white people or the inclination for teeth rotting Mountain Dew?

Is that like Argentina only they have real money and speak better English?

Anonymous said...

F'ing hipsters.

As a yuppie luxury condo dweller, I would like to extend the olive branch to the flannel robe crew (except for creepo georgetheathiest) and join forces against the smelly-poser-pretend like their poor but actually live on their daddy's trust funds- Williamsburg/LIC hipsters.

They are disgusting and bring down property values. Let us join together and brainstorm on how to get rid of these animals.

We could be like a civic-minded transformer, combining our powers to morph into one huge anti-hipster optimus prime.

Whaddya say you freaking bitter underachieving amish losers? Will you join us?

Mr. Angry said...

E. 212 was located right across the street from where this happened.

Unfortunately it was an industrial building that burned. Had it been any one of the cesspools of hipsterdom right there we'd probably see some dead people and egg on bloomturds face.

It's only a matter of time though. Here's to hoping The Edge burns next.

Miles Mullin said...

The Edge has odd commericals.

Joe said...

---miserable 4th grade spelling Joe

Bummer...I usually go for 3rd grade since that what most 2 leg sheep can understand.
The PDA helps with that...(take that up with Samsung)
Glad your entertained by that it clearly doesnt take much.

-PT Barnum

Anonymous said...

The PDA helps with that...(take that up with Samsung)

Always blaming the tool for the shortcomings of its user... Poor -Joe, I bet you're still trying to figure out why those "strike anywhere" matches won't actually strike anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I'm moving to Kentucky because it is less populated,the taxes are lower,and there are almost no hypocritical lis.People don't mid working and they speak english,no matter their ethnicity.People are involved in government and won't let them get away with the shit that goes on here.I"mgetting 560k for a house i paid 250k for in'89. 220k for a great house in kentucky and only $1400 taxes on 2 acres of land.The cost of living scale is about 8,ny is 48.There are things ya just can't have there, that is available here, but The positives outweigh the negs.

Anonymous said...

If you moved to Kentucky, would that make you a hipster, or a reverse hipster?

georgetheatheist said...

Hey Anonymous, it's "creepo georgetheatheist" not "creepo georgetheathiest".

(Old press agent's lament: "I don't care what you say about my client, just spell his name right!)

Anonymous said...

How do you know that it was hipsters?

Anonymous said...

So, any update on this story? Did they identify and apprehend the perps?

Anonymous said...

It must have been hipsters. They're notoriously clever at hiding and/or disguising themselves.