Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fairway coming to Douglaston

From the Queens Tribune blog:

A Fairway supermarket may open up in Douglaston by the end of next year — if the Board of Standards and Appeals grants approval.

The new supermarket would be larger than the Waldbaums which currently sits at that location at the Douglaston Plaza Shopping Center, and 15-20 percent cheaper, according to Fairway CEO Howie Glickberg.

The Daily News has more.


Anonymous said...

Discount foodstuffs?

And I thought Douglaston was supposed to be strictly high class!

I guess the bad economy has brought even those snooty folks who live there there down to earth.

Anonymous said...

Fairway is great, I've shopped at the ones in Manhattan & Brooklyn

Its cheaper than Waldbaums, but much better quality & variety - a win win

also, its isn't pretentious like whole foods. here you can get your healthy/organic/gourmet stuff alongside your junk food/ regular food.

this is great for douglaston and anyone nearby

Anonymous said...

Fairway is okay. But it was bought by a private equity firm 2 years ago. The orginal owners "cashed out" a big piece of their equity. I afrid that it will go the way of balducci's. When finance companies becomes the majority owner, it always comes down to the all mighty margins. Quality and service suffers for the buck.

Anonymous said...

Fairway coming to Queens is good new - they have fantastic exotic food stores that are exceptionally high quality and prices that are reasonable for the high quality.

Anonymous said...

Shoot...I thought it was going to be a Whole Foods......oh well

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE for a Fairway to come here! It is so tough to keep going to the one in Plainview all the time. I live in North Hills and it would be so much more convenient. Fairway's produce, deli, meats, reg. grocery items, are far superior to any other supermarket!!! Hurry up! I can't wait!!!!!

Andrea said...

Fairway can't come to Queens fast enough! I've been driving to Plainview or Manhattan for the produce, fresh bread, appetizing, fish, cheeses ... Yes, the Fairway products are less expensive, very fresh & good quality!!! North East Queens has been lacking an independent movie theater & gourmet market.

Anonymous said...

fairway is an exceptional store with high end food. it cannot come here fast enough, since i live on the next block and not having a good decent store in our neighborhood is a very big inconvenience. having waldbaums was like having no store at all. everything about waldbaums was bad, foods, quality and filthy store. i am so glad it is gone ! time to celebrate the coming of fairway !

Anonymous said...

Whoa? The prices gone way up at the Fairway location in Paramus. We got some nice discounts during the first few months it opened and poof, it all gone. Come on!