Monday, July 6, 2009

Education spending skyrocketed under Bloomberg

From the NY Times:

A New York Times analysis of seven years of education spending has found a number of changes in how dollars are allocated. There are now 1,075 more principals and assistant principals, even as overall student enrollment has fallen, largely because the city has broken up a number of underperforming schools into smaller schools. There are more administrators, like academic coaches who track test scores, and more support staff, with tasks like patrolling hallways and monitoring attendance.

And more administrators are earning top dollar. The number of employees making more than $150,000 has risen to 240, up from 175 in 2002, when those salaries are adjusted for inflation. The number earning at least $125,000 has more than tripled, to 1,935.


Anonymous said...

And the schools still stink

linda said...

bloomturd should wake up already! they're overspending on school developing and we are still in need in dist. 24? someone is b.s. someone..... close the damn boarders already....