Monday, July 6, 2009

Developer leaves a mess behind

From NY1:

Concerned neighbors of three empty, dilapidated buildings sitting on 51st and 52nd Streets off of Ninth Avenue say the structures create an unsanitary and unsafe environment.

Residents say the buildings, formerly owned by St. Vincent's Medical Center, were sold to a developer two years ago and have sat empty for the past several months after demolition crews came in and gutted them.

After numerous failed attempts to get the city to take action, residents called NY1 For You. NY1 then found that the property is owned by Tessler Developments.

NY1 reached out to Tessler but they refused to comment on the condition of their buildings.

The station then called the Department of Health and a spokesperson said they have no complaints on file for the property. However, the spokesperson did say the agency will send an inspector out to check the site.


Anonymous said...

Why does the preservation community ignore these abuses, and only talk about how to live with development?

Don't donate to any of these organizations until they start having programs focus on the things important to you.

Missing Foundation said...

Funny how no one on city council, except perhaps Tony Avella, has any interest in even recognizing this as an issue.

Now starvation in Africa, or autocratic regimes in Latin America, or a typoon in Bengadesh, that's the ticket!

Miles Mullin said...

What is the point?

They would simply pass another law, get their face on the front page (showing their concern), a speach or so, then it will quitely ignored (as another law passed under public pressure) when attention is elsewhere (American Idol anyone?)

Great to go through the motions.

Anonymous said...

Can I move in there? I need a place to live that I can afford.