Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Queens is diverse!

From the Daily News:

Queens has been touted as a diverse borough that is home to immigrants from all over the globe, and a key component of New York City's melting pot.

But the sheer number of cultures represented by its 2.2 million residents truly sets the borough apart from the rest of the city and beyond, according to new figures released last week.

The surge in Hispanic groups in Queens is most notable among Ecuadorans. It jumped 68.9% between 2000 and 2006. The number of Mexicans increased 30%.

This is fantastic. The fastest growing group of Hispanics is comprised mainly of people here illegally.


Anonymous said...

Yet they still pay their taxes, clean our houses and do all the really hard, dirty jobs many of citizen elite wouldn't dream of doing. All the while, facing discrimination and prejudice in housing, work and schools. Their only hope is for a better life for themselves and their family and the love of god.

Yeah they all suck big time. Lets all hate them together.

Anonymous said...

Illegal aliens do not pay taxes. That's why they work off the books. Duh.

Anonymous said...

It's not the illegal immigrants who don't pay the taxes but the businesses and households who hire them with cash or barter. These American citizens don't pay Social Security, Workers Compensation, Unemployment Insurances, FICA,Federal & State Withholding Tax, NYC Business Tax, NYS Corporation Tax, etc, etc, etc. The merger salary that the illegals receive, goes right back to greedy landlords still paying low 1 & 2 family real estate taxes on unlawful and unsafe house conversions to multiple dwellings and SRO's without paying commercial tax rates. All the while the illegals pay the sales tax on purchases, misc. taxes on cell phones, electric bills, gas and tobacco etc., etc., etc.

Anonymous said...

The illegals don't pay their share of Social Security, Workers Compensation, Unemployment Insurances, FICA, Federal & State Withholding Tax, either. Funny, but those all come out of my check automatically or I have to pay it at them at the end of the year. And some of the illegals' money goes to the landlords, but most of it is "sent back home" so someone there can avoid paying their country's taxes, too.

Queens Crapper said...

Yes, let's blame Americans when our very popular mayor is saying it's ok for illegals to be here and for you to hire them. Remember his comments about the golf courses.

Wade Nichols said...

The world according to the "illegal alien loving, diversity cheerleaders":

Illegal aliens = All wonderful! Hard working!! Vibrant!!! Diverse!!! Super human beings!! Salt of the earth!! All victims of "Racism!" "Predjudice" "Discrimination!!" perpetrated by Archie Bunkers in Queens!! Every illegal alien is a potential rocket scientist, or has the ability to cure AIDS and cancer, were it not for those Archie Bunkers in Queens!!

Anyone who points out the problems of illegal aliens such as: Overcrowding, unsafe conditions, illegal building renovations, day laborers who hang out on street corners and sexually harass American born women, high rates of drunken driving by illegals, low academic achievement, near zero interest in anything intellectual, overcrowded schools, overcrowded public hospital emergency rooms, drain on welfare system and social services, etc. etc. =

Why, you can't say these things!!! You must be a RACIST!!!

Why can't you point out all the wonderful things about immigrants, such as.........ethnic restaurants, and.......the restaurants........and......the food!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope this soon happens here. We shouldn't allow alien lawbreakers to stay in this country.

Anonymous said...

undocumented workers may or may not pay taxes, but they are ineligible for social security, medicaid, and medicare.

again, i don't think many of you are native american, so i'd watch what you say. the people you are calling "illegal" were here thousands of years before us. the least we could do for stealing their land, destroying their culture, and killing them by the millions is acknowledge their right to live where they've always lived.

Anonymous said...

"but they are ineligible for social security, medicaid, and medicare"

Except when they steal someone's identity.

I am a "native" American as I was born here, which is all that term means. My family came here in the early 1900s so they had no role in the taking of land from the American Indians. I love the stupid analogy though. Makes for a great argument.

Wade Nichols said...

I love the stupid analogy though. Makes for a great argument.

Thank you, Anonymous! You hit the nail right on the head - it is a STUPID analogy!!!

the people you are calling "illegal" were here thousands of years before us.

How so? Why don't you ask the Mohawk Indians, or any of the tribes which constitute the Iroqouis Confederacy in present day NY State how they feel about this? Do you think they have some sort of automatic kinship with Mexicans and Ecuadorians?

the least we could do for stealing their land, destroying their culture, and killing them by the millions is acknowledge their right to live where they've always lived.

All's fair in love and war. They lost the war, "TS".

By your "logic", should the Greeks be able to reclaim Constantinople because the Turks "stole" it? Should the Pope in Rome be able to reclaim North Africa from the Moslems, since most of North Africa used to be Christian lands? Should I be able to demand reparations from the Turks for invading Europe and laying siege to Vienna?

Or does your logic only apply to non-white people, since you feel sorry for them, and deep inside you really believe they are inferior?

Anonymous said...

While you guys debate whether illegal aliens are the root of all evil or victims of greedy, tax-evading Americans... I'mma go kick an Irish wino who won't shut up about how hard the brown-skins work.

Miles Mullin said...

ya gotta problem wit de irish, bub?

Anonymous said...

il-e-gal forbidden by law or statute
unlawful; illegitimate; illicit; unlicensed. Illegal, unlawful, illegitimate, illicit, criminal can all describe actions not in accord with law. Illegal refers most specifically to violations of statutes or, in organized athletics, codified rules: an illegal seizure of property; an illegal block (in football). Unlawful means not sanctioned by or according to law: an unlawful claim to the inheritance; to take unlawful advantage of the trading situation. Illegitimate means lacking legal or traditional right or rights: an illegitimate child; illegitimate use of privileged knowledge. Illicit, which originally meant simply “not permitted,” now most often applies to matters regulated by law with specific emphasis on the way things are carried out: illicit conversion of property; an illicit attempt to control the market. Criminal most often refers to violation of the statutes of penal as opposed to civil law. All felonies are criminal as are all crimes sometimes punishable by death such as murder, arson, and kidnapping: a criminal act.

georgetheatheist said...

And don't forget, that so-called "native Americans" slaughtered - butchered savagely - the white Stone-Age Solutrean European peoples who were the original settlers on the Continent. They migrated from the Pyrennes region via the Great Atlantic Ice Bridge prior to the Indians' arriving via the Bering Strait.

So-called "natives" are owed nothing.

Anonymous said...

Why is it always wonderful when Queens is recognized as diverse? Anyone ever care how diverse San Juan is? Tokyo? Calcutta? Mexico City? Why is our diversity so imperative? We were "diverse" 30 years ago in Queens, already with people from all over the world. Nowdays, we are just overdoing it, opening the floodgates and allowing masses of people to come in unchecked. and overflowing into the streets, overtaxing our infrastructure and depleting our resources. This is alarming, and it is nothing to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Its also true of development. Why in the hell is my life better because another million crowd here?

BTW, her parents were Mexican immigrants who were thinking about going back to Mexico, and the police are questioning her boyfriend.

Your Astoria sounds like a real stable community. Not.

Anonymous said...

"The Colombians and Dominicans have been here longer and are moving from rentals to buying homes in East Elmhurst, Long Island and New Jersey," said Peralta. "In some cases, the Dominicans are renting out their properties to new waves of immigrants who are making Corona their home."

Sweet, where can I sign up? I'd like to avoid paying NYC income taxes to save up for a house in Long Island or New Jersey!

And don't get me started about Corona. As a home owner, I've seen transient renters ruin the neigborhood.