Friday, July 3, 2009

Bloomberg killed the geese for nothing

From Airwise:

Since 1912, there have been nearly 500 people killed around the world in plane crashes caused by birds, Begier said.

The birds don't have to be large to be a threat. Begier said the two worst losses of life were caused by planes hitting flocks of the small European Starling. The crashes in Boston in 1960 and The Netherlands in 1996 killed more than 100 people.


Taxpayer said...

Actually, the miserable moron didn't kill them for nothing.

He made all of us complicit, and once again, did it without consulting the taxpaying, voting citizens of NYC.

This turtle-faced dwarf used OUR tax dollars to satisfy HIS blood lust.

He could have easily learned the statistics this post reveals.

He could have learned the many non-lethal techniques that would repel any birds from around airports.

He could have. He should have. But, killing is more satisfying than learning, especially if you're the Commissar of Death and Taxes!

Anonymous said...

If the geese were in his club ...high earners...perhaps he would have respected their right to live.

He's got the same contempt for the rest of us down class New Yorkers and if he were permitted would probably throw us all in some remote stalag!

Barring that...he's most content with displacing the poorer classes from their neighborhoods and driving the middle class (Der Furher's most vociferous critics)out of NYC by overtaxing them!

What is it with short men throuhout history that always makes them so dictatorial?

Anonymous said...

"Bloomberg killed the geese for nothing"

Not true! It cost us $50/bird. Absurd!