Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baby antelope at the Queens Zoo

From 1010WINS:

These babies are "built for speed.''

That's what the director of the Queens Zoo says about its new pronghorn antelope fawns.

The pronghorn is the world's second-fastest land animal. The adults are comfortable running 60 mph. Only the cheetah is faster.

Dr. Scott Silver says the three "incredibly cute'' fawns -- the smallest one just 8 pounds -- were born recently to zoo moms Dana and Niki. They were introduced to the public on Thursday.

Photo by RovingMagpie on Flickr


Americas Best Zoos author said...

This is great! Honestly, very few zoos have these beautiful and interesting antelope, so it's a treat to see them in any zoo, including Queens. I've seen them a few times in the wild out West. Once, in Colorado, they were running in a herd next to my car -- and keeping up with me as I went 55-60 mph. So graceful!

Allen Nyhuis, Coauthor: America's Best Zoos

Anonymous said...

Can they run fast enough to escape the greedy, grasping, hands of City Hall?