Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trainer faked safety certificates

From the Daily News:

A federally approved construction safety trainer sold dozens of fake cards certifying hardhats participated in a rigorous 30-hour safety class they never attended, the Daily News has learned.

Until his arrest last fall, Larry Fontanez was a certified trainer, approved by the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration to teach 10- and 30-hour construction safety classes.

The classes have become extremely popular since New York City passed a law last year requiring all hardhats working buildings more than 15 stories to take at least the 10-hour course by July.

Those who've already taken it must complete a refresher by 2014.

With the flood of students has come a flood of fraud, construction insiders say.


Anonymous said...

OSHA hasnt done its job for years since it was gutted and mocked in the 80's.Luckily other states have strict policy standards that maybe NYC should look up to for construction safety.Do your job Bloomie or go back to crafting Wall St.

Taxpayer said...

Of course the training was faked. Why not? Management of DOB by the Commissar is faked. Management of the DOB inspectors is faked. Inspections are faked.

Conformance to zoning and building codes is faked.

The Commissar's expressions of regret at all the killing is faked.

The only thing not faked is the deaths of all the workers and residents.

And, the payoffs are NEVER faked. Don't even try that! Your execution will be real!