Monday, February 16, 2009

Save our hospitals, part 3: Physicians

"One of the reasons we are broke today is because we took care of both insured and uninsured. One of the reasons we can't afford the care today is discriminatory pricing practices for these hospitals. For the same patient, North Shore gets twice the amount of money as St. John's." - Dr. Reddy, Chair of Pediatrics

"Yesterday we were trying to negotiate and have peaceful discussions in this hall behind me and we were asked to vacate the premises." - Dr. Laud, attending physician

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Missing Foundation said...

Look guys, accept it. For a good chunk of this borough, this is simply not an issue.

Housing tastes, medical care, schooling, even the quality of government is a big step up from where a signficant portion of our borough comes from.

And every year, increasingly so.

And like community preservation where all the talent, ideas, and money stay in Manhattan, you have no hope of anyone riding to your help.

Unfortunatly you have been ground down so long with so little spark left to fight back, nothing will happen to change this.

Afterall, this is not Brooklyn or Manhattan where there is a tradition of kicking ass.

Queens has the reputation of being doormats, where the average worker bee Joe is fearful that boss-man will look at them badly if they act up.

So this is what you get.

This will be so, as long as the clubhouse has a stranglehold on Queens, calls it the boro of immigrants (and in doing so, intentianally chasing out anyone else from moving here) and having at the ready all the techinques of tweeding.

Taking this idea to its logical conclusion, you aint seen nothing yet.

I predict families in 200 sq feet basement rooms next.

"America Of Tomorrow Today."


georgetheatheist said...

Where was that dope of a Borough President Helen Marshall?

That's right the QUEENSBOROUGH President.

Was she vacationing again?

Anonymous said...

Was she vacationing again?

Mentally 24/7/365!

Anonymous said...

Cute guys, but so typical.

So what? Always expecting someone to ride to your aid?

A party hack like her?

If that is the best you can do, go home and take drugs and be happy.

Anonymous said...

Why is St. John's not financially viable if it is as busy at everyone says?

Queens Crapper said...

Reread Dr. Reddy's quote again.

ew-3 said...

And somehow Congress found a way to fund a 100 acre industrial zone in Puerto Rico to the tune of $17 Billion ! Yes that's Billion.
And another $500 Million for solar water heaters for rural area families - also in PR. Finally in PR, $150 Million to improve track and land for little league parking.
Am not picking on PR, the bill is full of stuff like this. But I thought the bill was supposed to stimulate the American economy. The people in PR do not even pay US income tax, why are they getting billions of US tax dollars thrown at them.

for even more egregious examples of waste, check out.

Anonymous said...

now that these hospitals are closed down democrats how do you feel about giving FREE healthcare to non-U.S. citizens that come here and abuse the system?

Anonymous said...

They took care of both "insured and uninsured"
Lets "decode" that. It would be nice to hear the rest of the information like how many uninsured had fake or no social securiety numbers.
How many greedy suits and Administrators living in Forest Hills and Great Neck STOLE money or provided false information.

Uninsured in Queens means around 70% illegels ?
These hospitals chose to treat these people for non emergencys and shouldn’t be rewarded for bad behavior with our tax dollars.
They suits giving the orders basicly did the same crap the banks bosses did thinking they would get rich on these high risk people (who cant pay bills) and get paid by the goverment.
To add arent most the doctor’s minority’s themselves willing to help their own people ?

North Shore/LIJ doesn’t put up with this crap like that (Catholic Hospitals).
North Shore is also a UNIVERSITY hospital that gets an extra goverment educational grants for each patients procedure since interns and studens are used for much of the care.

For example for a tweed to get treated for a teeth it takes 3-6 months to get into a dental class program thats only on Thursdays.

They ship the tweeds with runny noses and babies to Nassau county.
Let Tom Suozzi take the heat and fight Washington $$ for them.

Anonymous said...

The care at St Johns is poor. Shut it down, restructure and open a better hospital. I'm sure if anyone had their choice when ill or for an operation, they are not going to St John's. There are far better Hospital's to go to for care.
As for Helen Marshall, she has no real power anyway. It's just a title.

Queens Crapper said...

Actually, the physicians in the Maspeth-Middle Village area mostly have admitting privileges at St. John's and most people would prefer to go there than Elmhurst or Wyckoff.

The problem with St. John's is that its mission statement is to treat all patients. If you are unconscious and in a coma for months, no nursing home will take you, and you are stuck at St. John's or MIH. That drains their funds more than illegals with sniffles do. And finally, if you think that someone is going to "rebuild" a critical care hospital, that's not happening. LIJ wants this site for real estate purposes and only has been talking about opening an ambulatory care center here ($$$$). There is no plan by any existing hospital to reopen a traditional hospital here and NO ONE wants MIH. Even if they wanted to, this economy will not allow that to happen anytime soon. Once they are closed down completely, that's it.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, let them go down so a good house cleaning can be done.

To many fat cats and "church people" have been in the pot to long. Bankruptsy is the only way to get rid of them and all the bad debt they allowed.

However if North Shore buys it everything and everybody else is still still gonna F*cked

All those Great Neck administrators will likley get raises since they ARE likley in bed with the North Shore people, Matilda Coumo and Bloomberg.
Most of the staff will be replaced with students and doctors from overseas

Anonymous said...

"North Shore is also a UNIVERSITY hospital that gets an extra goverment educational grants for each patients procedure since interns and studens are used for much of the care."

St. John's and MIH are also teaching hospitals.

Anonymous said...

What can anyone tell us about the rumor that Northshore has already taken over the Family Health Center (clinic) and will continue to run it with the employees that are there now?

How will they accomplish this? Aren't those employees 1199 members?

Anonymous said...

If you're not located
in northeast Queens,
the clubhouse has red-lined you!

Cut services from the "have-nots"
so the "haves" can have more!

Would they
ever allow LIJ to be closed?

Certainly not!

Anonymous said...

its over people our state has let us down they dont care just remember who you vote for we have been through hell working at these hospitals the last few years its probably for the beter we no longer have to put ourselves or the patients at risk thank you wycoff!!!!!!!!!!hope you are next on the chopping block!!!!!!

Missing Foundation said...

1. The number of pols that have been in trouble with the law has skyrocketed in the past decade.

2. Services are being cut in the borough - not just hospitals, but firehouses, police, seats per student, etc.

3. Neighborhoods are getting uglier by the day, shopping districts are getting more tawdry by the month, and no one seems to care (or if they take notice, seem to bear an inverse relationship to their ability to do something about it).

4. what kind of warped leadership shruggs off a Niederstein or St Savour (both in Queens), yet all go running to observe a memorial service to Mumbai (?000 of miles away).

5. Outside of a photo-op, the politicans don't care - accept this really! - the only time they seem to get excited about something is yet another massive project pouring thousands of more people into an infrastucture that cannot handle the traffic of a decade ago.

Lets face it - unless you guys are ready to take some new action (if just to make it transparent that you reject the status quo) you are screwed pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

How will they accomplish this?

Likley just just lie till they get in the door. Step 2 bring in Indians, Paki's and Iranians from overseas
--Students, yeah ?
North Shore is taking over everything.

In the old days it was called a monopoly or the Mafia.
---and against the law.

Anonymous said...

So the doctors dared to speak their peace and the police were called by administration because they were "too loud". Administration walks on to a unit on 2/15 at 3:30 p.m. and informs the staff that their employment has ended...thanks very much, get out! That unit was not slated to close until 2/18!

Mr. Antoine, Ms much money do you get in addition once the hospital closes? We are not even assured a severance package, but I am damn sure you are guaranteed one!

Find out what hospitals your politicians use (including Bloomberg and Patterson) and all go there when you are sick...crowd their ERs, see how they like it!

As for the question about financial viability...there needs to be an investigation! We are busy, we are almost always full so...where is the money going? Whose piggy bank is the biggest?
Talk about Enron...look no further than the board of both these hospitals!

Anonymous said...

Where is Senator Addabbo and the rest of the Queens state senators whose constituency are serviced by St. Johns?

Anonymous said...

Who authorized the removal of bankruptcy materials?

I thought that Caritas is in bankruptcy. Why are we selling off office furniture to another healthcare corporation? Why was furniture taken out of St. John’s and delivered to Jamaica Hospital this week? Is Annette Hastings looking to secure her future employment? Did money change hands? Is the bankruptcy court aware of this? Is there a secrete warehouse (like during the St. Vincent’s bankruptcy and Joe’s closing) where valuable equipment is being hidden and stored? These questions need to be answered!