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Posted: 1:42 pm
February 3, 2009

About 100 protesters stormed a Manhattan hotel ballroom and interrupted a speech by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, shouting "this is what democracy looks like!"

Bloomberg was speaking Tuesday to a group of business leaders during an economic forum at the Grand Hyatt near Grand Central Terminal.

A few minutes into his speech, the demonstrators charged in, chanting and waving signs that said "Mayor Bloomberg, talk to us about the future of NYC!"

Protesters said the demonstration was organized by a coalition that advocates for communities. They said Bloomberg has ignored the concerns of working-class New Yorkers, favoring the rights of rich developers instead.

Bloomberg stopped his speech until his security detail and other police escorted the demonstrators out of the hotel.


Anonymous said...

That's some funny shit.

Anonymous said...

Not enough.
The scumbag dictater needs a rope and noose.
Put on trial in a public forum, hung and shipped back to Boston in a box.

The treason, corperate curruption and mass neglect with the lives of 3+ million taxpayers cant possibly be legal.

Most distructive public official Zion-F├╝hrer since Robert Moses.

italian girl said...


R S J said...

this was great vote this jew bag out people are sick of him .

did you see his face , i love it

georgetheatheist said...

"Show me what democracy looks like.
This is what democracy looks like."

I give it an 8, Dick. It's got a good beat and you can dance to it.

Gull dang it. In the '60's, they'd at least lay down on the floor to be dragged out by the cops. Those were the good old days when protests weren't so ludicrous as this one was. What a bunch of lame whippersnappers.

Anonymous said...

actually, georgetheatheist, 8 of these "whippersnappers" were actually dragged out of the Hyatt and arrested, just like in the "good old days" you speak of

Anonymous said...

Thats cute mister bloomberg pathetic lying mayor. He rambles on afterward and alludes to how he somehow made the city strong after 911 with building projects saying "blah blah world class city". Brazil has a couple of mega cities with a ultra rich class too bloomie, but they also have lots of poverty and gangs that go hand and hand with that polarization.

Anonymous said...

Such a warm welcome this guy gets from every corner of society.
Sure hope he didnt eat the groundhog.

jerry rotondi said...

Always glad to see people
giving a "SHOUT OUT" to democracy.

As for hanging hizzoner...

No 3rd term for him...PLEASE!

jerry rotondi said...

"Oh this shark wears
tailored suits, dear-

And they're always
pressed just right.

Bloomberg's slashing NY's budget.
Watch your back-


(A little ditty from
"The Bad Penny Opera").

italian girl said...

"No 3rd term for him...PLEASE!"

Jerry, I get a bad feeling this pig is going to win again. And only because voters being as stupid as they are will believe his phony sh*# about what a financial wizard he is and how only he can save NYC from ruin. When the fact of the matter is he will raise taxes and cut huge amounts of money from every city agency. Shhh. But that's a big secret. He won't tell until after the election.

Avella, Thompson and even that pinhead Wiener: get some really good campaigns together and trounce this turd. I don't care who wins.


jerry rotondi said...

True dat, "Italian girl"!

Still..."hizzoner" ain't doing so well in the (real) polls lately.

Mayor Bloomberg will be fighting uphill all the way... with the sun in his eyes... trying to convince even less informed voters that he's fit for a 3rd term in office.

Especially after he's cut services and raised taxes while extending benefits for the wealthy real estate "developers" of NYC.

Any voo-doo practitioners out there
that might care to fashion an
anti-Mike-doll just in case?
It can't hurt.

In the meantime let's not underestimate the intelligence of the average voter.
You can't fool all of them
all of the time!

Even the sleepiest of us can be awakened by a loud alarm clock...
in this case it's the bad economy.

Anonymous said...

Anybody BUT spoiled little rich brat Bloomberg has my vote.