Saturday, February 14, 2009

More money the City wastes

From the NY Post:

City taxpayers are supporting the pensions of 1,500 employees who don't even work for the city in 28 cultural institutions, as part of a little-known deal struck 47 years ago, officials said yesterday.

The Independent Budget Office yesterday put the cost of the subsidy at $8 million annually. (In its report Wednesday that exposed the practice, the IBO put the cost at $25 million by mistakenly including workers at 305 day-care centers.)

The nonpartisan agency said an argument could be made that "New York City should not be in the business of funding pensions for private-sector employees."

"If these organizations determine that pensions for their employees are required, they should raise the necessary funds through donations, grants and other revenues, just as they do for their other costs."


Anonymous said...

it's a waste of money to live up to a decades-old agreement that benefits middle-class new yorkers who have good stable jobs? no it's a waste of money to piss away needed funds on "education" consultants instead of classrooms , ondevelopers instead of community enhancements and on saving useless "landmarks" that are really just old crap. new york's msueums need help or else they gone disappear. look at flushingtownhal

Queens Crapper said...

Doesn't Flushing Town Hall qualify as a useless "landmark" that is really just old crap under your reasoning?

Sarah said...

Good government would choose between necessary expenses and tweeded agreements. A good Mayor should be able to tell the difference and strike a balance between what is required to sustain a prosperous, safe city including the arts.

Anonymous said...

no that thing inf lushing meadows thats about to fall over that all you crapheads want to save just because youre stuck in 1964 is a useless landmark. at least townhall does programs for the communaty

Queens Crapper said...

Right, and before Town Hall was restored by the city, it was a useless eyesore, too, that did nothing for the community.

Anonymous said...

Pensions for private muesuems? Don't they raise enough money? The Met M. or M of Modern Art are the richest of them all - I don't get a pension in the private sector why give it to some guard who sleeps all day?