Sunday, February 1, 2009

Money is no object for Helen Marshall

From the NY Post:

With the mayor announcing a doomsday budget scenario, you'd think the whole city would come together to make every single penny count.

Not Borough President Helen Marshall, who pushed ahead yesterday with a questionable $20 million glass atrium at the rear of Queens Borough Hall.

On the same day Mayor Bloomberg said the city might cut 23,000 jobs and many city services, a request for competitive bids on the extension project was made public.

The plan calls for a high-ceilinged enclosure to be constructed in the nearly 70-year-old building's rear courtyard. The area would be used for public meetings, cultural events and performances. It will be paid for with taxpayer money budgeted to Marshall's office.


Yocap said...

Sure close fire companies, put up atrium, makes sense....

Anonymous said...

More NY'ers will become victims at the expense of Bloomberg and Marshall. Gather the troops. I think it's time to rally.

Anonymous said...

A protest rally should be organized in front of Borough Hall.

Anonymous said...

See here's the thing...with no competition for her seat, she feels can do whatever she wants to do and she'll get a pass. And sadly she's right.

Anonymous said...

Just what borough hall needs more room for more corruption!

Manes' ghost
is beaming with delight.

If they call it "Asshole's Atrium"
(appropriate for its posterior location)in honor of Beep Marshall,
I might be tempted to go along with a scaled down version.

It's time to dump 'ol Helen, the developers' house slave....yas sir!

Anonymous said...

There have already been numerous "protest rallies" held in front of borough hall leading nowhere.

The problem is Queens' voters.

They seem to all be brain dead because they don't look beyond their noses when it comes to chosing who'll be representing them.

So those clubhouse crooks keep on f-----g them in the ass over and over again ad infinitum!

Anonymous said...

Marshall has done zilch to improve
quality of life for Qeensites. The hundreds of city staff sitting in that building on Queens Blvd are do-nothings and phonies. To hell with an atrium. Clean up crappy-looking Queens Blvd and find out where the $millions have gone to that cess pool known as Jamaica Center...Marshall's corrupt administration are a blight on Queens. Get rid of them all ...NOW!!!!

Taxpayer said...

What is it about elected employees that they come to believe that once we make our tax payment, that money is automatically transformed into their personal property?

She's a Democrat. Does she ever pay taxes? Rangel, chairman of the Ways and Means Committee that writes the tax laws, doesn't pay taxes. Timothy Geithner, the new Treasury Secretary, head of the IRS, doesn't pay taxes. Neither does Tom Daschle, the nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, an agency that will spend trillions of our tax dollars.

So, does she pay her taxes? Or, is it only the fool "Little People" who actually pay for the entertainment of these monstrosities?

Is it her job to waste our money on imbecilic projects?

georgetheatheist said...

Helen Marshall: the Albert Speer of Queens

-Joe said...

With 20Million taxpayer $$ she could use the New York State pavillion as a base sturcture and have something 2x as big and nice for everybody.

Building a private tree house with taxpayer money is criminal !!!

Anonymous said...

Is this the same woman that put a R33 (car #9075) subway car in the park and told everbody it was a World Fair car ?

Fact is the the
R36WF "Bluebird" with the large oblong bay windows is the correct and ONLY Worlds Fair car.
They were originally painted light turquoise in in sets of 2 with a white body stripe
The ONLY Car Numbers are 9306-9345.

Marshall is perhaps senile years ago and doesnt know whats going on around her.

...Unfit for duty must be removed

Anonymous said...

How much taxpayer money did she give to store St $avoiurs? 50k, 100k.hmmmmmmm
A church in a box , not a save, but a waste.

Anonymous said...

There's a big difference between $20M for tweeding offices and $100K for a community project.

Mr. Angry said...

Shouldn't she be collecting SSI already?

Anonymous said...

community project????
CHurch in A Box...Is this a new game.
At 100k , thats a joke.

Anonymous said...

Sorry the St.S project burns you so much, I can think of much worse wastes of money. How about Markowitz's $64M amphitheater?

Anonymous said...

yeah at least St. S and the atrium can be used year round in all weather.

ew-3 said...

So, rather then give 20K of her constuents one thousand $$ each, she prefers to give it to a single contractor to do a job that will be of no use to 99.8% of those that pay her salary.
Just a guess, but is she a democrat?

Anonymous said...

St. Saviour's wouldn't be a "church in a box" if Gallagher, Bloomberg,
Marshall and an assorted legion of liars and crooks would have fully supported this treasure remaining on its original site as a NYC designated landmark.

so you want to talk about waste?

Take a look at the wasteland that foreign "developer' has left in its place!