Sunday, February 8, 2009

Marshall supports renaming part of FMCP after Oats

From the Queens Tribune:

[David] Oats, who died suddenly on Feb. 5, 2008, spent a large portion of his career as editor of the Queens Tribune, but never lost touch with his first love – Flushing Meadows. When he retired from newspapers he continued to work tirelessly as an advocate for the park, even going so far as to travel to Europe to advocate both for a third world’s fair and for the park’s use as a venue for the Olympics.

Oats saw the park as a dynamic location, filled with the energy of not just the people who use it, but the events that have taken place there through the years. In short, the park was his first true love – a love that filled his heart until the day he died.

It is fitting, then, that a year after his death, a portion of the park may be named for him. The idea, first touted by this paper in the days after Oats’ death, is supported by this newspaper, its publisher, Oats’ widow and Borough President Helen Marshall.

Marshall has asked New York City Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe to rename the promenade around the Unisphere after this fierce park advocate.

“David loved the park and Queens, and I am happy to support this effort to provide some sort of fitting memorial to him for all he did for Flushing Meadows Corona Park,” Marshall said Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

I;m suspicious of Marshall's intentions. If she really cares about David Oats' legacy, I know of a certain Jetson-esque observation tower that needs repairs. Fix it and rename it after Oats.

Anonymous said...

A 3rd world fair in honor of Oats' dream would be terrific if it was designed to take into account to build only what would remain as part of the park after the fair has ended, even if an ongoing fair w/ sponsors could be created as part of the part of the infrastructure. A 3rd worlds fair would be good opportunity to attract visitors from everywhere to the city and fund activities that all NY residents can enjoy and use in saftey. Currently except for USTA and Hall of Science that is welcoming to the entire community is oriented only to playing soccer and the living room of illegals that cook out, sleep in the Summer. The park is also a giant parking lot for Shea events and baseball. The Mets should reimburse the city for this. It also prevents other citizen access to the park, when events are on.

georgetheatheist said...

Aren't World Fairs in this day and age a bit passe?

("Saddle up my horse. I'm riding to Canterbury.")

Anonymous said...

Yes, Worlds Fairs are passe, simply because they in on running 100% of the time, called Disney World, in particular, Epcot

Anonymous said...

If they were to finally do something with it that was worthy of his efforts, I'd say rename it: the New York State David Oats Pavilion.

As far as the comment that the park is currently the living room of illegals...It's a can't-win situation with people who make comments like that. If you do do to the park what a comment like that is inferring, then it becomes a tweeded park...which of course would spur the same person to make another snide comment stating such.

There are no problems that exist in the park that couldn't be rectified with the same policing and ranger-ing (if that's a word) that is given to Central Park. Soccer, cricket and yes even softball and football are a reflection of the neighborhood around the park...and on nice weather weekends, seems to be the living legacy of the World Fairs. The park is the one thing Moses got right and it would be nice if the city could treat it with some sort of respect. People are laissez-faire by nature and when they see the City treating the park like the Mets parking lot, they will treat it as such.

Anonymous said...

There are no problems that exist in the park that couldn't be rectified

The Park is poorly designed which make it difficult for individuals to protect themselfs from being robbed, attacked or raped. Thus it has a rep for having a high crime incidents vs other NYC Parks. There are tons of homeless living here and yes there are tons of illegals criminals hiding here too. Why? Because certain parts of the park are very far and isolated from main entrances and even neigborhoods. The park straddles 6 major highways, a lake and stream and borders desolate factory and commercial areas.

The Park needs to have it's entrances reconfigured and have a central point of interest that folks look to reach from all parts of the park to obtain transportation, police, restrooms and staging area,

Anonymous said...

This is great. Go for it Marshall. give David DOats his long overdue recognition for service to our city. He did more for that park than any paid staff of past city administrations.

Anonymous said...

worlds' fairs, like the Olympic games, always lose money.

And in this economy...
please let's come up with some
fresh ideas!

Anonymous said...

Having a Worlds Fair is a big waste of money. If he did try to do this, he wasted his time.I guess he sided with bloomberg with the olympics, another waste of money.
Anyway , why name anything after a journalist, Lame.