Wednesday, February 11, 2009

DOT car blocks Middle Village driveway

From Fox 5:

During these rough economic times, Fox 5 keep son eye on city employees who are commuting to and from work with cars paid for by taxpayers. The good news is one agency, the Department of Environmental Protection, has taken some dramatic steps to clean up its act. However, John Deutzman uncovered an embarrassing incident for another city agency: The Department of Transportation.


Anonymous said...

we've got a DEP worker in Howard Beach who parks his city owned SUV across the sidewalk all the time. Not as bad as blocking somebody's driveway, but still illegal and potentially dangerous for children, elderly or handicapped. Though I did notice he stopped recently after watching me take a few photos of the vehicle. maybe he's afraid of ending up on QC.

Anonymous said...

these government bureacrats feel so entitled. can we fire them and get our money back?