Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bye, bye bodegas

From NY1:

The economic crisis could claim neighborhood bodegas as its next victim.

Some owners of the corner grocery stores say they are having a hard time making ends meet.

Ramon Murphy, the president of the U.S. Bodega Association, says rising rents, higher energy costs and more expensive products are pushing bodega owners out of business.

"The only way we are surviving right now is going everyday and turn-over, because we don't have the money to buy for the whole week like we used to do," said Murphy.

The U.S. Bodega Association reports about four shops close each month. At that rate, they say there could be half as many bodegas in the city within two years.


Anonymous said...

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...


Overpriced substandard and stale.

Compare them to the delis of 30 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Less used-up phone cards and scratch-off games littering the sidewalk.
And where will the local derelect get his "loosies" now??

Anonymous said...

Sell blounts to kids and cheat on their taxes

Wonderbread chewed on by rats, milk two days past date, and ice cream refrozen.

Good riddence.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! where am I going to get melamine tainted candy bars, little debbies, and chips? Good thing they have the same garbage at the grocery stores too.

Anonymous said...

There goes all the
illegal cigarette business too.

Hasta la vista baby!

This economic downturn seems to be
an ill wind that's blowing some good.

Anonymous said...

oh what a shame. where will the drug dealers stash their product now? who will hold their guns for them? Oh Gosh, where will the neighborhood loan shark be?

where will the unemployable mentally ill illegal Dominican's work now? How are they going to do food stamp(coupones) scams and cheat on their taxes? They might have to go back to their haciendas rancheros in the D. R.