Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brian's sentencing postponed again

From the Times Ledger:

The sentencing of former state Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin was adjourned until April in the latest delay in the ongoing legal case of the disgraced labor chief.

Manhattan Federal Court Judge Richard Sullivan postponed McLaughlin’s sentencing until April 6 at 2:15 p.m. in a court order issued Jan. 27.

It was the second time the sentencing of McLaughlin — who pleaded guilty to federal racketeering and false statements charges in March 2008 for stealing $2.2 million from labor groups, his political committee and a Little League — has been delayed since the former head of the Central Labor Council became a cooperating witness in the corruption case against Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio (D−Richmond Hill).

There was no official reason given for the adjournment of the case.

Keep your fingers crossed for more indictments.

Photo from Daily News


Anonymous said...

McLaughlin's got a lot of shoes to drop on his former friend's heads.

Anonymous said...


Brian has improved his "singing"
ability thanks to his voice coach...the FBI!

But he still needs more time to further improve.

Currently, he can he rat-out
10 crooks per minute before his breath control finally breaks?

He'll do anything now to avoid winding up in a cell up with Bubba!

Anonymous said...

Should Liz Crowely be nervous?

Taxpayer said...

Nobody's going to be nervous.

Obama gets to appoint the new US Attorney for the Southern District of NY to replace the lazy, and incompetent (perhaps corrupt) Mike Garcia, who was appointed by G. W. Bush.

So far, the record on appointments by Obama are far from sterling. I expect a dirty, corrupt appointee; someone who will sweep McLaughlin's dirt away. Someone who will not be very curious about NY corruption and who will cover tracks for the corrupt New Yorkers.

And, it's our fault. A) We put Obama into office. B) We swallow whatever any politician shoots into our mouths - we never spit. And, finally, C) we just are too ignorant to do what's in our own self interest. We treat politicians like aristocrats, high above us.

Anonymous said...

Don't count on it!

Mc Laughlin
is in extremely deep shit...
right up to his cowlick.

That much crap nobody can hide
(without a stink) unless they themselves are willing to risk becoming a criminal accomplice.

I highly doubt that a newly
appointed US Attorney in a highly visible administration would consider it.

Some fair play now please...
hold your generic Obama bashing.

If you've got an ax to grind,
save it until after a couple of years have passed.

Then we can all judge his performance.

Anonymous said...

Cant dance but he can surely sing.

Anonymous said...

Brian's already nailed, and he'll take whoever he can down to shorten the gig in the pen.

Anonymous said...

The reason for the delay? They're waitng for Mr. Green to show up. Who? Mr. Green. As in $$$$. As soon as Mr. Green shows up, things will move along. That's politics. Waiting for Mr. Green.

Taxpayer said...

Anon said:
Some fair play now please...
hold your generic Obama bashing.

If you've got an ax to grind,
save it until after a couple of years have passed.

Then we can all judge his performance."

He's already been performing. I have no requirement to wait. That's stupidly suicidal. Today, one more nominee flamed out. More than 15 years of failure to pay taxes. He wants the DOJ to have a porn king as # 2 in command.

Obama's criminal associations from Chicago are really visible already.

He chose to run. He accepted the oath. He better be able to take the heat. If he needs protectors like you to prevent any criticism, then you already have announced he is unfit for office.

"I screwed up" doesn't cut it.

Spending a trillion dollars instantly doesn't cut it either. Always suspect officials who want to rush through a law of over 800 pages that absolutely nobody in congress or the White House has read.

We get summaries only.

Anonymous said...

Phonies, liars, and thieves-- get rid of them all----NOW!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing how many people scream when huge amounts of our tax money is spent on us ordinary citizens, but not Wall Street. Banks, Auto Industry, etc.

Seems like there are people with delusions of grandeur.

Anonymous said...

That knee jerk Obama basher is either a disgruntled local Republican pol
(Dennis Gallagher?)who got dethroned or just a common throwback to Neolithic days!

Uh...why don't you step up to the plate fella and let's see how quick you can untangle the national mess we're in.

What's that you'd rather grumble from a safe distance nestled in your armchair guzzling a nice cold brewskie?

Another tin horn "patriot"!