Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yanks not keeping promises to community

Less than two years ago, Levine signed a much- publicized "community benefits agreement" with Bronx pols that was filled with grand promises about jobs for local residents and a new Yankees community foundation. The team made those promises to win City Council approval for huge public subsidies for the new stadium.

Bronx politicians, Yankees president in a smackdown over stadium

The agreement committed the team to employ Bronx residents for "at least 25%" of the total construction workforce. The Yankees promised that a quarter of stadium contracting would go to Bronx businesses.

Yankees spokeswoman Alice McGillion said Thursday the team had met its 25% goal and had done even better in contracting.

No one has verified those claims. The agreement called for the creation of a "construction advisory committee" of community leaders to monitor compliance and to get monthly reports on how the Yankees were meeting their goals.

That committee has never met, and the board of the new foundation did not even hold its first meeting until two months ago - only after reporters started asking about it.


Anonymous said...

Did you think they would? It's a give a way by the city. Agreement was not in good faith by Yankees Org. they knew they would bulldoze the community in the process of building the new stadium.

ken said...

check out how huge a shovelful of dirt Steinbrenner is chucking. More than the three pols, combined.

Anonymous said...

Yankee Doodle crossed the Bronx
riding on a pony,

Old Georgie S. and crooked crooked pols
turned out to be real phonies!

verdi said...

That's not dirt Ken, that's horse shit!

We ought to be used to getting it in the face by now.

ken said...

lol, :D
but still an impressive feat.
He's got to be pushing 80 by now.

verdi said...

If I had Steinbrenner's money
I could push my life span into the high 90s!

Those are probably a state of the art pair
of bionic arm replacements.

That's where he gets his power from .
His practice comes from mud slinging Joe Torre .