Thursday, February 14, 2008

We're in the money

There are 1,181,005 accounts in the Queens County with $272 million in unclaimed funds, according to Emily DeSantis, spokeswoman for state Controller Thomas DiNapoli.

Queens residents have $272M stored

Checks in amounts of as much as $1,100 already have been issued to Queens institutions report unclaimed funds to the state.

Why not get what's coming to you and your family members?

Check here: New York State's Unclaimed Funds


verdi said...

Now why not donate a couple a million to
the save the St. Saviour's fund!

Anonymous said...

no money coming to me, grrr, grrr.

Anonymous said...

Parkside's already stole it all,
so nobody's gettin' any back!

Anonymous said...

Yet another example that this borough is getting filled with shodowy rootless people and hot money of uncertain sources.

Sort of like the clothes you see tossed in streets. Someone does a crime and sheds a black coat covering a blue sweater thereby changing their idenity in an instant.

We Light Up Queens said...

Buy Willet's Field!!!

We Light Up Queens said...

Buy Willet's Point*!!!

Anonymous said...

Giuliani has unclaimed funds. Address is Gracie Mansion. LOL

Anonymous said...

Quite unexpectedly, I found my name on that list. Some kind of refund from my insurance company or something.

Thanks Crapper!