Friday, February 8, 2008

That's entertainment?

What happens when a wealthy, famous member of a group that is tweeded here is caught doing something back home that is politically incorrect, and in fact, illegal in this country? Will he get off lightly because he is famous, or be villified to no end? We will soon find out.



Anonymous said...

Anyone who takes pleasure
in seeing an animal ego substitute
fight to the death
is sub human as far as I'm concerned!

Let Martinez strap razor blades
to his legs and sign up for a kick boxing match
if he's "got the balls".

No he prefers to let a "cock" do that for him!

What an under-civilized jerk !

John Prester said...

Diversity is strength!

It's also.....cock fighting!

The four slogans of the Party, on display everywhere, are:


-Joe said...

This crap reminds me of that annoying "IO Digital Cable Commercial" From Cablevision.
Bring you home country here may ass!
I'd just about had enough of these repulsive 3rd word immigrants
I wonder how long before we start seeing Donkey show busts like south Los Angelos and Texas.

Diversity sucks, remember what happened to the Roman empire.

georgetheatheist said...

And don't forget the Shiite Muslims whipping themselves to a bloody pulp recently on the streets of Jamaica.

I'm proud to live in Queens: home of Turd World cultures! ("Y'all come!)

Anonymous said...

Remember, we can ignore your complaints on wanting quiet or wanting clean streets. Unfortunately, as it is a cultural thing we can ignore you.

Now if you are tweeded, your little quirks can be explained by diversity and the wonderful mosaic, and several features in a Queens weekly, particularly those located in the eastern part of our borough will do features to expand our sensitivity to embrace them and make them acceptable.

(but for Gods sake, they tell the stringer, dont show blood and scare the old biddies into asking questions or writing letters).

We Light Up Queens said...

I can't argue and say Mr. Pedro was doing the right thing. Cock fighting or any animal fighting for that matter is definately wrong. It is unfortunate that it is still a part of many cultures. We have worse going on in our own country ex: The way KFC kills their chickens. I hope the media does not continue to blow this out of proportion, Pedro is no Michael Vick.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's distasteful but it's legitimate there. The biggest thing Pedro is guilty of is stupidity. He should know better. If you play in NY, you have no secrets. Everything you do is fair game to the media. He'll give North Shore Animal League a big check and it'll be forgotten.