Friday, February 8, 2008

Melinda says oink, oink!

From the NY Observer's Politicker:

The message, forwarded to me by an interested reader, is from City Councilwoman Melinda Katz, and it includes a profile of herself that was published in the Real Deal. The profile describes how Katz leverages her position on the powerful Land Use committee to raise money.

Click here for Melinda's e-mail:

Feedback Loop: Melinda Katz's Effective Fund-Raising Using Story of Her Effective Fund-Raising

Photo from the NY Observer's Politicker


Anonymous said...

I think some of Pinky is literally rubbing off on Katz. Take a look at her face and neck!

ken said...

does anyone know how she did in the primaries? I made a particular point of not voting for her.

Anonymous said...

How is she able to solicit in this way and avoid indictment?

westway south said...

this woman is reprehensible. she and her ilk represent the very worst in nyc politics. just ask her constituents what they really think of melinda katz. most say the same thing...a do-nothing, it's a complete waste of time to write or call her office about a problem. she won't get invlolved and her staff is equally inept.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm she doesnt look bad but rather sad in that photo.

Maybee she just needs a boyfriend ?

Anonymous said...

True she is not bad looking, but she has that same pig coloring as Pinky. I prefer something a little more spicy myself.

show Mel the money said...

The honesty is shocking. "I can raise money, so I'm electable".

Forget about helping people, making the city a better place, strengthening the community, etc. Mel doesn't even pretend to give a shit about any of those things. She cares about one thing - cash. And she lets you know it.

If we the electorate vote this pig into any higher office then we'll get exactly what we deserve - pig shit.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

She's a developer's slut,
a veritable political/porno star,
who'll eagerly take their campaign contributions
in every oriface that can be readily improvised
to accommodate them.

Why she's probably in "cahoots"
with her former "canoodling" partner Hevesi.

I'll bet he's still giving her some sound "advice".

H-m-m-m, Comptroller Alley Katz.

I don't like the looks of it!

Anonymous said...

Katz's position as head of the Land Use Committee gives her a unique perch to raise money from. And, she has been effectively leveraging it.

Katz should be leveraging and effectively using her position to work on our behalf not the special interests of big name developers sweeping into Queens. Seems that she is vieing to live in Greenwich Conn. after term limits is up. The private sector is quite lucrative.

Seems that graffiti soda pop can Vallone has taken a different tack to the same end game. Doing nothing is just as rewarding.

Taxpayer said...

"P.S. If there is someone you think might be interested in joining my Finance Committee, please send me their contact information and ask them to visit my website to familiarize themselves with my background and experience."

Melinda, you already know how to reach your best friend and co-whore, (cohort?) Gallagher. Why are you no longer bragging about your friendship with this fellow?

Remember how, wherever one of you two were, the other was certain to be there? Remember all your speeches for him? We remember.

In politics, it's judgment that's examined. Your judgment is shameful.

Anonymous said...

Alley Katz is a good one. I heard the councilwoman used her office (public funds) for funding the religious Buckarian center in what was the Trylon Theatre. What's up with that? What does DA Brown have to say? Is that true?

Anonymous said...

Top billing for Kassiev & Katz.

It sounds like some rinky-dink corrupt vaudeville act!

Too bad it's the only type of long running show
that's available on the boulevard these days!

Anonymous said...

I do declare that "Mesmerizing Melinda "
didn't make much of a dancing girl
in my fine New Orleans establishment.

Her spindly, meek pasty faced appearance
and rickety thighs scared off my best patrons.

She couldn't even belt out a decent tune
with that shaky voice of hers.

I tried my best
but my customers could never got a rise
out of that little mouse .

She once broke a bottle of fine vintage wine
trying to crack a high "C" !

We had to send her up north
where those NYC real estate fellas,
all think she's the Katz Meow!

And I understand that she occasionally
sings for her supper at various events.