Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stevedores staying, vendors paying in Red Hook

Looks like there won't be a yuppifi- cation of Red Hook after all. From Curbed:

In the end, it turned out the stevedores definitely had more staying power than the latte drinkers, if not the hoped-for beer garden.

Stevedores Drive Stake Into Heart of Red Hook Port Plan

However, some neighborhood mainstays may not be long for the area. From Lost City:

...the Red Hook Ballfield vendors met at Red Hook Park with members of the Parks Department for a "tour for prospective bidders," to make their intention that they want to return to their longstanding location next summer clear. They were the only ones there. But that doesn't mean they don't have competition! There are already "two unidentified groups [who] will also bid to run the thriving weekend food market."

I'm sorry, what? They're anonymous? This is OK, that the bidders can be secretive, back room entities vying for use of a public park, while the vendors expose themselves to every sling and arrow? It's OK that the other bidders don't even do the vendors and the Parks Dept. the courtesy of showing up? That smacks of rank arrogance and an assurance that they will win this (very expensive) battle.

Red Hooks Vendors Challenged by Cowardly Anonymous Weasels


Anonymous said...

Oh well, so much for that.

Anonymous said...

Sure that Terry Osborne is not on the wings with 'approved' participants angeled to maximize their receipt of funds?

Anonymous said...

it sure looks like those burly stevedores
put their bailing hooks up some wimpy yupster ass !

It ain't called Red Hook for nothin' !!!!

Anonymous said...

Good grief.....Terry Osborne!

Is that municipal ass-wipe still around?

Shades of the old Manes era.....
now just a leftover in some minor official's fridge
fit only for brown bagging it.

what exactly did she start out "doing"
for Donny anyway?