Sunday, February 17, 2008

DDDB rips Daily News

DDDB's Response to Abusive Daily News Editorial

An appeal for justice
Brooklyn: Your editorial about our court fight against Atlantic Yards was rife with misstatements, exaggerations and fabrications ("Abuse of process," Feb. 5).

From calling an area where two-bedroom condos sell for $1 million "blighted," to implying that creating "a home for the Nets" justifies the taking of private property, it's clear you are willing to ignore the facts to further Forest City Ratner's goals.

For those who oppose this boondoggle, the only opportunity to fight is in the courts. Yet Bruce Ratner (photo) and the Daily News cry foul because the community is exercising its legal rights and appealing lower-court decisions it believes are wrong. Interestingly, you found no fault when Forest City Ratner and the state filed appeals.

The judicial process is there to protect all citizens, not just those with money and power.

Candace Carponter
Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn

(The DN cut the original letter into ribbons.)

Daily News editorial policy:

Bloomberg = good
Developers = good
Eminent domain = so what?
Sob stories of the tweeded = front page
Crooked pols lying to community = ignored
Neighborhoods destroyed by any of the previously mentioned = doesn't happen
Demolitions = verrry sexy (especially if they can dispatch fotog to scene to capture the carnage for NY's Photo Paper)


Anonymous said...

It's really embarrassing the way our news is covered by the local press. Their attitude is astounding.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Atlantic Yards story isn't covered with half as much gusto as the stupid Roger Clemens hearings or Britney Spears acting like an asshole.

sunnyside of life said...

The Daily News has ALWAYS been a morally corrupt rag, only good for birdcage liners.

Anonymous said...

Pond scum always floats to the top.

And that's where our own crooked pond scum....
the pols, real estate moguls, banks, media editors
und der Reich's Chancellor Mayor all belong!

Happy snorkeling fellas !

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Jimmy Breslin who sat in Donald Manes' office and watched a parade of envelopes full of cash get deposited into the BP's desk for months? He thought the story was more important than calling the police and Queens has suffered for that decision ever since.

Anonymous said...

The Daily News' Jack Neufield
thought it was more important to finish a book
rather than do an investigative reporting job
on the crooked Tommy Huang in the 1980s
when a group of Flushing-ites brought him
some great evidence to run with.