Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sabini pleads guilty

In a statement released on Tuesday, February 5, Sabini said, “I take the matter against me very seriously, and am extremely grateful to have this settled. I would like to offer a sincere apology to my constituents, the Albany Court, and the many loyal friends, colleagues and family members for any burdens this may have caused.”

Sabini pleads guilty to DWAI

As punishment for the “traffic violation,” Sabini paid $300 in fines, not including processing fees to the New York State Court in Albany. He also will have to take classes detailing the risks of drunk driving and the impact on victims, scheduled for next month, his spokesperson said. The DMV has not yet determined how many hours of classes Sabini will have to attend, the spokesperson said.


Anonymous said...

Next he'll be keeping company with grandmothers and "inviting" them back to his office.

Anonymous said...

I'd drink too if I had to work in Albany!

Anonymous said...

So it's drunk as a skunk eh ?

Stay away from "Danny Boy's" or was it the old
"Magic Touch" near the 74thSt. #7 stop ?

Anonymous said...

What can we say?

A borough of 2.3 million and look at the 'parade of heros' we have in office.

Who said the cluhbhouse is all seeing and all knowing?

Anonymous said...

His arch enemy was busted for a DWI too, but that will come out when the time is right.... namely, election time.....