Thursday, February 7, 2008

Crowley favors eminent domain

The Flushing Bay and Creek must be cleaned as part of the Willets Point redevelopment, urged Congressmember Joseph Crowley, other Queens politicians and the advisory group, Flushing/Willets Point/Corona Local Development Corporation (LDC).

Crowley backs action on Willets Point

On the steps of City Hall, Crowley, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall and Councilmember John Liu - along with the LDC - called for action at the Iron Triangle and the surrounding waterways.

“After a decade of false starts … I believe it’s full steam ahead,” Crowley said in support of the plan to revamp the area bounded by 126th Street, Willets Point Boulevard and Northern Boulevard.

Claire Shulman, President of the LDC, said that she was thrilled by Crowley’s endorsement of the redevelopment plans and desire to clean up the Willets Point waterways.


Anonymous said...

Willets Point is a dump. The sooner they clean it up the better and if that means kicking out the auto boby (chop shops) that reside there through eminent domain - so be it.

Anonymous said...

Notice how these politicos held their press conference on the steps of City Hall. If they tried to hold this conference in WIlles point, the local workers would have tarred and feathered them!

Anonymous said...

It's "nice" to see all the usual pigs
on the eve of the year of the rat,
assembled on the steps of city hall,
prior to their selling out Queens
one more time again!

Too bad we've got a house slave for a beep!

Yas-sir Mr. Developer, anything yose wants!

Anonymous said...

Watch out - your house maybe next.

Anonymous said...

Isnt if funny, eminent domain is used on small businessmen when the city and the developers want the space. Public money used against the taxpayers that contribute it to help private investors.

When it comes to St Saviours and the Queens waterfront, and the tables are reversed, the public moneys are not used on developers for the public good.

'We no can do.'

Lawyers for Willets Pt, please note and adjust your defense accordingly.

JMB said...

"Willets Point is a dump" and why?!

"The City claims that Willets Point is blighted when in fact, it has been the City that has neglected the area and allowed it to fall into disrepair. "Behind The Curbline" features Willets Point business owners discussing the City's attempt to condemn their property and destroy their businesses." A Must see Video on
Willets Point.URL-

When your elected officials mismanage your government assets and revenues, they cannot be allowed to solve the problems that they've created, by seizing your land for so-called economic development.

Taxpayer said...

Anonymous # 1 must be one of the house slaves who watch far too much TV where all is pretty and sweet.

Where the hell does the HS expect old cars to be put? Where does someone - oh, say, an illegal alien with no drivers license - go to get parts for a broken down car he needs for work and drug running?

What law says that any auto repair shop be pretty?

House Slave, if they can take land, they can take cars, bank accounts, jewelry, all your electronics once they are declared to be ugly and a blight. They can take the clothing from your back. And will never hesitate to do so.

Read up on Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe. That's real eminent domain!

Anonymous said...

I heard Crowley's wife and kids dont even live in Queens anymore. He moved them to Virginia.

If thats true how he continue to reprsent Queens fairly???

Anonymous said...

Sure, Crowley is now too good for Elmhurst. His open borders policy has contributed to the distruction of Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, Corona, Flushing etc.

His family has moved to Virginia because the Crowleys can't live in the communities that Joe has trashed with his ass-kissing lack of leadership policy.

Joe Crowley is nothing more than a political whore that has sold out everything he beleives in.

t0wUrCaR said...

Hey Fuck All you guys that called willets point a dump. Its like that because the city let it get like that. My yard is located at 126st and they aint using none of that Eminent Domain on me they paying me for my property in fact ITS NOT FOR SALE SO FUCK OFF EDC.....