Monday, February 11, 2008

Park fix for zoning change?

Builder: change zone and I'll fix park

A developer wishing to turn a vacant commercial site in College Point into a 90-unit condominium is offering to fix up a local park for a thumbs up on zoning changes.

The proposal is scheduled for a public hearing by Community Board 7 tonight. A zoning change from commercial to residential means the plan must go through the city's uniform land-use procedure.

The two-story condominium, to be located at 14th Ave. and 115th St., would offer enclosed parking at below grade, said Steven Sinacori, a representative of the developer.

As part of the project, the 29-acre MacNeil Park, along College Point's waterfront, would get a number of upgrades, including a boat ramp, new trees and park benches, 150 feet of new fencing and a replenishing along the sea wall.

The hearing will be held at the Union Plaza Care Center, 33-23 Union St., Flushing.


We Light Up Queens said...

Well the idea seems noble, however you have to consider whats going to be done at both the rezoning site and the park. This is certainly a twist compared to the usual corruption that goes on. I ma not entirely familiar with the area, but if it isn't going to directly negatively affect neighboring residential housing. I'm sure with the underground parking garage, it will be more plausible. The issue becomes although it is good to fix up a park and add new things such as a boating ramp, the parks department may not have the funding or may not want to allocate funds to maintain such additions, being weary of the anticipated budget crisis.

Anonymous said...

Do the fix up of the park BEFORE the developer gets a shovel into the ground, then do a bait and switch and give him less in a less advantagous area.

That would reverse the tables.

For once.

Joe said...

Bad Idea, The builder NEVER keep there word or just build crap to keep in contract.

They tried that in Port Washington.
After they built this huge Fedders POS.
The devoloper planted 10 shrubs 8 benches and a boat ramp thats already falling apart. Slip space and fresh water are only for condo owners can tie up on at a fee.

The Town polititions now have the same idea and want to immimant domaine all the boatyards and houseboat owners living on the water.

Anonymous said...

I remember when they tried to give Socrates to a developer.

They said to Ravenswood that if the developer got in they would get sidewalks and trees etc.

Someone with a little backbone could have stood up and said, 'excuse me, you are withholding spending our taxes to benefit our community until a developer gets his way?'

Oh yes, the developer did not get the park (no, the locals had nothing to do with it --- that was Stern's doing) and the area still looks like an underserviced dump.

But they are talking about waterfront parks and a multimillion dollar Greenway - to compliment the rich people they want to move in.

georgetheatheist said...

Speaking of Socrates Sculpture Park. What is the low down at that place? The City owns it? Or the people in the shed-like buildings to the left of the entrance by the gate? A collaboration perhaps? Public & private? Who determines what art is exhibited there? The art is for sale? If so, who gets the $ ? Is it split with the City?
Et cetera, et cetera.

ken said...

this may sound a bit naive but shouldn't the community have a say in this decision?

NY Zeitgeist said...

This "deal" is bribery, plain and simple!

Anonymous said...

Should be no exception - it's a one time shrt therm rip off for longer term Crap property.

The community loses and the next developer expects the same consideration. It would be chaos in all neighborhoods. Prevent this from occurring.

Joe from Ridgewood said...

***The community loses and the next ***

Exactly, not only that every next builder or developer who is turned is going to down will scream discrimination and threaten to sue

They then refuse to take no for an answer and call in special lawyers.

Once a floodgate like that (legel bribery) gets opened you can never get it closed.

This happened in Great Neck and Manhasset (Town of North Hempsted)now the town lets these developers run amuck sub dividing, re-zoning, McMansion'ing rather then face the cost of bringing in special law firms to fight multi million dollars lawsuits.

Joshua said...
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Joshua said...
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Anonymous said...

Poor College Point.
It's been butt f----d for a hundred years.

Around 1900 or so, the waters were deemed polluted
and that was the end of its days as a resort.

Then industry moved in with its toxic waste completing the job.

And more recently this "developer"
just told it to bend over once again and trust him !

Anonymous said...

Steve Sinacori is an a**hole from Glendale who sucked Rudy off when he was mayor.