Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just a façade

This photo perfectly illustrates the state of historic preservation in the City of New York. Read the story behind it:

Construction Watch: Rockrose Builds on Pearl Street's History


westernqueensland said...

This is like plastic surgery: like architectural breast implants. It is an "edifice-complex."I just want to say that architects are, on the whole, bankrupt style-wise and morally.
Manhattan architects might feel superior to the Queens purveyors of the "crappy revival style," but they are no better.

Anonymous said...

They are no better and it's mostly due to the economics of the project. The purchase price of the property was probably way to high to preserve the original building and make a profit. So thus this developer tossed a very skinny bone to preserve the nothingness of this sliver of what was left.

At this point it seems rather, even more pointless.

Anonymous said...

This IS NOT included within the perimeter of
the downtown historic district.

I know this building well
and also the lousy reputation of Rockrose!

We're lucky to have the facade
with these guys.