Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hollowing out Astoria

I found and loved your website. I grew up in Astoria, and try to keep tabs on what's going on there. When I came home for my St. Johns Prep reunion last spring, this is what I discovered when visiting my old house.
I understand the entire block in now an empty hole, waiting for the go-ahead to build some monstrosity. Sad.....

Tammie Rienzi
(formerly of 30-19 21 Street)


loyal citizen said...

This is what happens when some of our councilmembers and city officials are funded by developers. Campaign contributions become known as bribes, and our charming neighborhood becomes a pot of greed. City agencies i.e. Landmarks Preservation Commission also don't see it fit to preserve Queens, and they lie through their teeth at oversight hearings.

Sorry that your home is gone. I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

community board 1, the community board from hell.

Lucio said...

Local Greek Dr. John Livadaros who lives around the corner on 21-20 30th Avenue bought these five homes for an average of 1 million each, and combined the lots into a single tax lot. An enormous human warehouse is going to go up in order for the good ol' Doc to make a profit. It is an enormous cause for alarm when they start plowing rows of houses like this, may God help our town.

loyal citizen said...

Another doctor who doesn't care about our livelihood and well-being, and only sees dollar signs rolling in front of his eyes. Shame, shame, shame!

Anonymous said...

maspeth mom say
To Tammi
if you liked and cared about astoria so much - you should not have moved away!!!!
I am sure your broken heart only lasted until you got HOME

Anonymous said...

What are you complaing about?

You don't eat transfats, anyone that runs out to the field during a ball game is automatically arrested, and kids' homework assignments are now under that eye of government.

Your life is better. City council is hard at work for YOU.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Rienzi family
who started an Italian food products line business
(canned plum tomatoes etc.) bearing their name
in one of a strip of small commercial garages
in LIC ?

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely on the mark"loyal citizen".

This is pecisely what happens
when traitors like la "famiglia" di Vallone
sell out out their own community!

After all,
When a dog shits in his own backyard
it's time for its master (the voters)
to put an end to it!

A vote cast for ANY of the SOVs (sons of Vallones)
running for any political office
is like you kicking yourself in your own ass !

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Doctor D.L. Death
to "know what's best" for an "ailing" community.

Does he have "privileges" at Astoria General ?

Anonymous said...

Out with old, in with the new!

Anonymous said...

A few corrections. John Livadaros is not a doctor. I live in his building @ 2120 30th Avenue that he also lives in. He owns his own construction firm, as well as other buildings in Brooklyn. He is a spineless piece of garbage who neglects his tennants requests for simple fixes such as standing water in showers and clogged drains (as using draino is expressly forbidden in our first lease), broken fridges, hall lights that don't work for over a YEAR. Speaking of leases, he also refused to let us re-sign a lease saying "our situation is good, just keep sending the checks, everything will be fine." And then, after a mere 6 months and with one months notice, he informs my roommates and I that he is raising the rent and our dog can no longer live in the building. He CLAIMS he is afraid for his 4 year old son, when he and my dog have played with my dog OFF LEASH in our backyard many times!! He should be more worried about his dog that he leaves tied up in the backyard as early as 6AM so the dog can bark all day, bothering every resident in a 3 block radius. Not to mention I've seen his dog tied up outside during massive snowstorms (specifically the one this past Halloween), and in over 90 degree heat, with no shade!! Now, in regards to the building on 21st St. that replaced the houses? It's a gaudy monstrosity that I hope bankrupts him. If you are ever thinking of renting or buying from John Livadaros, DON'T. I can't go as far to call him a slumlord, but he is definitely the worst landlord I have ever had, and I plan on letting all of NYC know it.