Monday, October 1, 2007

Rogue architect still at it


Controversial architect Robert Scarano is under fire again after the city's Department of Buildings shut down two of his north Brooklyn projects late last week - including one where a construction truck tipped over and smashed into a neighboring home.

Neighbors said the truck turned over Friday while pouring cement for an apartment project at 53 Java St. in Greenpoint being overseen by Scarano, who is already under investigation on other projects.

One day earlier, DOB slapped Scarano's project with a $2,000 summons and ordered construction halted after determining unauthorized work was being done despite a previous stop-work order, officials said.

On Friday, DOB issued a stop-work order for the third time on his condo project at 205 N. Seventh St. in Williamsburg. Construction was halted a day after The Post reported workers were allowed back on site to start drilling; DOB determined the work put adjoining properties in danger.

The project was shut down three months earlier after neighbors complained workers drilled into L-line subway-tunnel walls and that the drilling cracked the foundations of nearby homes and streets.

Scarano could not be reached for comment.


Anonymous said...

Just look at Bobby's greasy crown of tousled" "goombah" hair".
He looks like an actor out of central casting....
playing the role of some don's fair haired boy.
Could his pompous pompadour be concealing
a bald pate?

And what concealed "dealings"
are there between this oily sleaze bag,
NYC's scurvy building industry,
certain "connected" politicians,
that seem to make him a "made man"
that he keeps getting away
with what amount to a slap on the wrist in insignificant DOB fines.

These amount to merely a cost of doing business .
This slimy slug needs to have his license pulled !

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should focus more on this architect's questionable and/or illegal building practices rather than making idiotic ethnic slurs.

Jennifer said...

Question - in a normal city where the laws are followed, would a developer like this eventually be arrested for all these violations and problems?

Anonymous said...

Oh boy how sensitive people are.

Anonymous said...

An Architect has nothing to do with means and methods of construction. Unless he is the General Contractor or the guy driving the truck, those incidents have nothing to do with the architect.

Anonymous said...

The article says that Scarano was overseeing the project and had people working in violation of a stop work order. He also directs contractors to build plans other than what he submitted, so they violate zoning. This is why self-certification is bad.

Anonymous said...

What a shmuck.

Anonymous said...

The "idiotic ethnic slurs"
are for morons like you to criticize !

It increases readership....wallyo!

Anonymous said...

Scarano has one of the highest kill rates
when it comes to job safety ......worker deaths.....
on his building sites.

Check the record for yourself!

Anonymous said...

His buildings are as tacky as his toupee!

Anonymous said...

scarano is also the self-certified architect of record on one of the worst buildings in queens, a travesty calling itself ''bangladesh plaza'' on 73rd street between 37th avenue and broadway. this building has 39 outstanding violations, it is festooned with cheap-o christmas lights over six stories and lately that 10 cent light show has been replaced with colored arc lights that flash on and off in series all night long---not even the empire state bldg gets away with that. but where scarano and the developer mina farah really take the cake is this: one entire side of this building is NOT BRICKED UP, rather, it's covered in sheets of corregated metal. god knows why, but who cares? it's illegal. but the DOB just shines it on. this is a building that would be condemned IN BANGLADESH!

Anonymous said...

And I thought the people on the threads at Brownstoner and Curbed were idiots. This site takes the cake.

First Scarano is being scapegoated for the ills of the DOB.

Second he like most Architects do not monitor construction that is the job of the GC or CM.

Third Profesional certification made the city of New York Millions at the cost of many licensed professionals.

Fourth developers do not get arrested for construction accidents.

Fifth what ever idiotic building on 37th avd and 73rd st you are talking about he did not design it.

Lastly please all of you get a life.

Anonymous said...

1) A bad apple is a bad apple.

2) Definition of "Architect" - a person who is involved in the planning, designing and oversight of a building's construction.

3) Doesn't matter how much money professional certification made the city.

4) Developers can indeed be arrested for accidents at construction sites if criminal negligence is found.

5) How do you know that the building on 37th Avenue was NOT designed by Scarano?

6) If someone needs to get a life, it's you.

Anonymous said...

this commentor has got to be a politician: thouroughly out of touch, obnoxious, and boring enough to put you to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Put Bobby "the bitch" Scarano
and Tommy "the terrible" Huang
in the same jail cell.

Who'll come out holding the title
of dominant top?

Anonymous said...

scarano is the architect of record on that building on 73rd street; whether he designed it or not is irrelevant, he signed off on it, and what's idiotic is leaving that responsibility to a corrupt architect who can cover for a developer's malfeasance. i agree with the poster who suggested that the defense of scarano and self-certification must have come from a politician or someone with a vested interest in seeing that overdevelopment remain unchecked. shame on you. you're defending the slide into slumminess.

Anonymous said...

Tommy the "terrible" needs to clean up the messes that he has created. He needs to right the people that he and his "family" have hurt. There seems to be no motivation on their part to do that.