Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Remembering the forgotten Flushing River

Lately, my Forest Hills neighborhood has become a hive of civic activity. Citizen groups have been created on a variety of issues- preservation, Queens Blvd safety, train noise, and subway service. If I had to choose a pet cause, it would be the Flushing River. It appears that every waterway in our city has a conservation group dedicated to it, there's the Bronx River Alliance, Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club, Harlem River Festival, Udalls Cove Preservation Committee... Why not start a Flushing River Alliance or Flushing Riverkeepers?

More here: The Forgotten Flushing River


verdi said...

It could use a good flush!

Anonymous said...

Watch out.....
those Willets Point land grabbers
(led by the "honorable" Bovine Shulman)
will say that cleaning it up is part of their plan !

mazeartist said...

In 2001, Paul Graziano proposed daylighting the river as part of his campaign for City Council on the Green Party. His campaign website is still up.


Anonymous said...

We need to be "DAYLIGHTING"
our beyond corrupt city government
with some mega-halogen wattage!

Those so called "sunshine laws"
aren't doing the full job!

Anonymous said...

River ? !!!
Currently it's a cesspool !

Will somebody give John Liu a straw
and urge him do his part.

On these terms.....
I'd even be willing to nominate him
for the title of "river keeper"!