Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Getting soaked

In a stunning development, homeowners may soon get socked with an extraordinary water-rate hike of up to 18 percent - on top of the 11.5 percent increase that kicked in only three months ago, The Post has learned.


Officials said the special rate boost could be enacted as early as Jan. 1, because water and sewer revenues in September plummeted $31 million below projections.

Graphic from NY Post


Anonymous said...

The developers take home the milk while you and I get the shit.

All these infrastructure costs are paid out of our pockets.

The developers pay little and take home a big profit from making campaign donations to the clubhouse, who turns the community over to them to get raped as their reward.

Taxpayer said...

I guess that when Commissar Bumberger made New York a sanctuary city for illegal aliens, he forgot to count the number of illegals who arrived to use all the water without paying for any of it.

As the great Stalinist that he is, he now wants the hardworking legal citizens to change his shit-filled diapers.

That way he can announce that his shit don't stink! It does. He does.

Anonymous said...

several months ago on the news they said that a lot of people don't pay their water bills and owe an outstanding amount of money. So maybe the city should make these people pay up if they're in need of cash instead of jacking up the rates.

Anonymous said...

So maybe the city should make these people pay up if they're in need of cash instead of jacking up the rates.

We can't do that - they are among the tweeded. If the middle class stays apathetic in poltics, they deserved to be milked.

Sooner or later they will wise up.

Anonymous said...

Democratic Dictionary:

Wetback - someone who soaks the middle class.

Anonymous said...

I am getting a little fed up grabbing my ankles for these scumbags.

Anonymous said...

More taxes. Today bloomturd went so far as to suggest that NYers should just get used to being videotaped everywhere we go... he was talking about congestion pricing... which shows the real secondary motive behind that new tax...

Taxing away is the bloomturd way...

Fuck this clown. Can we impeach a mayor?

Anonymous said...

I'm looking into digging a well on my property.
It may wind up being cheaper in the long run.

I'm getting some quotes now.

Anonymous said...

The builders continue to screw us
with over development.....
in our faces and up our asses!

The sensible solution would be
(heaven forbid) a MORATORIUM
on development.

But this ain't Kansas Dorothy.

Us taxpayers have the "honor"
of subsidizing over development
by paying through the nose
while Bloomberg & Co.
douches with imported Evian !

Maybe it's time to dump some "tea"
in New York Harbor!

Anonymous said...


No problem in getting something built, laws, regulations, oversight, community boards, elected officials notwithstanding.
The city will help you put something up yesterday.

Yes indeed, a very model of a responsive govenment. Responsive to developers giving campaign donations to the clubhhouse.

Public tax money to support their efforts? No problem. The health and welfare of a community at risk? No problem.

Infrastructure to support it?

They then start to sound like an unfocused hippie on drugs: 'someday,' 'whatever','when ever', blah blah blah

Anonymous said...

a water well? Not a bad idea.