Thursday, October 11, 2007

Quinn hints at lifting term limits


Council Speaker Christine Quinn said yesterday she will decide in the very near future whether terms limits on city officeholders should be eased.

"Myself and my colleagues have to come to a final decision soon because people need to make decisions on what they're doing in 2008, 2009," Quinn said after a speech to business leaders at the Association for a Better New York. "We'll be making a final decision in the near future."

Quinn said term limits could be changed by another referendum or by legislative action.

Some critics say only a referendum could ease term limits, which allow the mayor, public advocate and comptroller two four-year terms and council members a total of eight years of service.

No thanks, your services are no longer required. "Myself" should take herself back to school and learn proper English.

What part of "No" does the New York City Council not understand?


Extension of Term Limits on Council's Table


ken said...

"What part of "No" does the New York City Council not understand?"

really! We've made it clear again and again that we want term limits. So by harping on the issue the City Council is making it loud and clear that they don't give a hoot about our concerns. They're just going to do their own thing and screw us if we happen to disagree.

Anonymous said...

Sure - Only those in office suggest they want to do away with term limits to keep entrenched in their high paying office and power.

No No No No No! Only the people in a referendum can change term limits. Kick this bum out into the street - she is a piece of work and does not represent Queens. She is obviously thinking of herself.
No Tammeny Hall for me!

Anonymous said...

NYC needs new leadership, these guys are bankrupt.

You really notice this when you go into other cities and see how they are run.

You cannot fight tomorrow's issues with yesterday's ideas.

Anonymous said...

The only thing more tired than these politicians are the newspapers that write gooey tributes to them.

And if you look at the newspapers editors, they are cut from the same cloth as these political hacks.

But you need to keep the 'right' people in - there are campaign donations to be honored and easy honest graft to be earned on the taxpapyers backs.

Charles Barron said...

Lift the term limits Chris!

I'm coming back!

And don't forget to pick up the trash, Chris!

With love,

Charles Barron

Anonymous said...

This woman is a big disappointment. She used to be an activist, but sold her soul to the Democratic machine in Queens to get in.

Was it worth it, Chris?

The public holds your views in contempt.

Christina Wilkinson said...

Hey, I am a newspaper editor and I don't write gooey tributes to them. See:

Where is Everyone? Elected officials MIA

Anonymous said...

It really is totally unbelievable that the Council would AGAIN think they could overturn term limits. What a bunch of a-holes.

Dennis Gallagher said...

Get rid of term limits. I'll run again.

That way, I'll have my office back (with the upstairs room and all) and I can harass all the interns stupid enough to work in my office.

Thanks, Chris. Get rid of term limits.

ken said...

from C.W.'s JPCA article:

"flood victims...did not qualify for FEMA assistance because the damage happened in their basements, not in the part of the house that they sleep and eat in."

what a joke! FEMA is as shifty as insurance companies.

Anonymous said...

Two terms of screwing the constituency
is long enough.

What part of NO does a political rapist
like Ms. Quinn not understand?

If you want job security beyond a second term....
then get the f--k out of politics and get a REAL JOB!

Stop giving us a HAND JOB !!!

Anonymous said...

Real estate "diesel-dyke" !

Anonymous said...

once her stint as a politician is over she might do Clairol shampoo commercials. She has nice hair, or am I just in some serious need of sleep?