Thursday, October 11, 2007

AM-NY in Ozone Park

AM-NY made it over to Ozone Park today, and they left out the crap.

City Living: Ozone Park, Queens


Anonymous said...

Wow, three paragraphs before they used the 'i' word. A new record of restraint.

Italians in Ozone Park are about as common as Germans in Sunnyside.

Interesting note: 'Queens Crap' is now 'gentrifying' the neighborhood.

There is a candidate for the 'Democratic Dictionary'.

Anonymous said...

You want to hear about crap in Ozone Park? How long have you got?

We've lived here for over 16 years and despite raising problems with elected officials and city agencies, it gets crappier all the time.

Anonymous said...

are you kidding me ozone park is filled with red dot special people
in the 80's it was filled with Italians and Germans but now its shitville!!!!