Thursday, October 11, 2007

Now governing...number 6....

If Steinbrenner fires Torre, he could still manage in New York, says the NY Sun:

Torre for Mayor? An Idea Out of Left Field — or Right

Will Mariano Rivera follow him to City Hall?

Say it ain't so, Joe...


Anonymous said...

John Rocker would make a great CAU commissioner!

Anonymous said...

That goombah chitrool (make that shit-rool) Rudy
has got some damn nerve wearing a fireman's hat!

Still trying to pass himself off as the "hero" of 9-11?

The fireman's union
has got that exploiting coward's number!

I hope they follow him around the USA
heckling him and sandbagging
his presidential aspirations.

That f----g facist "IL Duce"!