Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hudson Yards bids due

It's a remote and dreary part of Manhattan -- a desolate stretch of parking lots, warehouses, gas stations and scattered businesses just off the Hudson River.

But in a decade, developers hope to transform a swath of government-owned rail yards on the West Side waterfront into a new neighborhood of office towers as tall as 70 stories, apartments on the river, hotels and green parks.

Bids to Build Skyscrapers, Parks, Homes on Manhattan Waterfront

Anna Levin, who chairs the neighborhood's committee for a local community board, said residents need a mix of uses for the 45-square-block area, so "it doesn't become Shanghai-on-the-Hudson."

I predict a Johnny Liu protest outside Ms. Levin's building...

Update: Bids Announced for NYC West Side Planned Development


Anonymous said...

Whatever they build, I am sure they will expand the capacity of the sewers and electrical grid first. Not like in Queens where they just allow building until everything implodes.

Anonymous said...

The Hudson River will become their toilet!

Anonymous said...

At a time we should be restoring our rail system....
we're instead destroying it further!

Rail freight is better for our environment
than shipping by truck!

But building over the rail yards
is much more beneficial
to our real estate/political duos!